Saturday, April 25, 2015

Seriously Easy Curls: (for real, they're super easy)

    My hair has changed a lot as I've aged, which means I have to keep changing the way I style it.  The trouble is  I.  Hate.  Doing.  My.  Hair.  I always have and I only see more of the same in my future.  I've had my hair all different lengths and colors, but I've never been interested in styling it.  I want to wake up and have it look great each day.  That is how my hair used to be in my teens with thick natural curls, and it may have ruined me.  All the other girls I knew were learning to crimp, curl, spray, mousse, and flat iron.  I just washed it and let it air-dry and it was gorgeous.
   Alas, the curls and much of the thickness have gone, but I'm still looking for an easy out on styling it. I'm frequently searching pinterest and youtube seeking advice and tips from others.  What I find more often than not is something labeled "easy"  or "quick" and it turns out to be anything but quick or easy and it never looks like the instructor's.  But, I. Hate. Doing.  My. Hair.  I'm not good at it, or just too lazy to get better, or both.

If you can relate then behold my truly easy and somewhat quick fix for soft curls.

    I wash my hair right before bed with just shampoo.  I don't usually use conditioner or styling products since they tend to weigh my hair down.  Use your best judgement on whether or not to use them yourself.  I have had good success with just shampoo followed by a dollop of Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Definer.

    Then I divide my hair into about six sections.  I don't put them in any kind of a grid pattern because I want the curls to look natural.  I also put them up higher on my head so that they'll be easy to sleep on.  Nothing at the center-back of my head or at the sides near my ears.   I do a very loose twist which wraps into a loose curl.  If you twist your sections too tightly, they may not dry over night.  Then I put a bobby pin through one side to the center.  The next morning I take the pins out and run my finger through the curls a bit to separate them.  I don't like using hairspray unless I'm heading out to some event.

    These pics were taken six hours after I took the curls down, with no hairspray and I love how bouncy and soft they still look.  You'd never know I was sick the day before and spent this day doing laundry and getting organized before another week begins.

If you try these curls yourself, send me pics and I'll post them here!

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