Monday, September 14, 2015

Travel: Okinawa

    I love those bloggers who take gorgeous photos of themselves traveling to all manner of enchanted locations in fabulous outfits.  I love them!  I wish I could be like them!.....but I can't.  I travel practically, rather than fashionably, and that means traveling light.  I only take one bag, usually a back pack.  There is no space for hair tools or products, minimal make-up, and any clothing (typically things that can be thrown away to make room for souvenirs) will be hopelessly wrinkled.  Add to that the fact that I'm stressed and not sleeping well, and when it comes to photos on the road, I am a complete mess.  

  There is freedom in acceptance, so I don't worry about the perfect fashion photo at times like these, and I definitely don't pack any of my favorite dresses.  When it's travel time, I have to step back from the blog, as much as I love it, and be in the moment.  We're out there to make beautiful memories.  It really is the experiences, the feelings, the little moments that I want to remember and that's what I try to focus my heart and my camera lens on.  As much as I wish I had tons of great outfit photos to share in exotic locations, I have none.  And I mean not one...from pretty much any trip...ever.  

    Our latest trip to the beautiful island of Okinawa was spent with one day at the world's second largest aquarium, two glorious days at the beach and two days of waiting at the airport for a flight home.  It ended with about an hour of trekking in the rain with no umbrella (it was too early to even stop and buy one).  We were soaked.  Our bags were soaked.  But the peacefulness of early morning, and the calm of a warm rain combined with all my loved ones, healthy, safe and sound, walking in a row to the pitter-patter of the raindrops--it was perfect.  And of course it was followed by that oh, so delicious feeling of a cozy pair of sweat pants, a hot cup of tea, and being home again.

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