Saturday, October 31, 2015

Blue November & No Spend November

    Do you ever get on a kick?  I do.  Pretty often actually.  I get an idea in my head and suddenly that's all I can think about.  Maybe it has something to do with the delayed gratification of internet shopping, but when I decide there is something missing from my closet, I usually end up with way too many of it and way over my spending budget.  
    For years I only had two purses, one black and one brown.  The black one (my favorite) really needed to be buried and mourned.  It had been the perfect purse for so long, I hadn't really even used the other.  But, now it was literally falling apart, and it was time for a new one.  Over the summer I decided that I now was the time to give up my favorite purse, and switch to my far second favorite until something better could be found.  For my next carryall I decided to mix things up and get a novelty purse.  I found one, and it was cute and inexpensive, so I ordered.  
    While I was waiting, I went to my local thrift store and found a nice bag in an outrageous color for about $6, so I bought it.  Pretty soon the novelty purse arrived and it was as darling as it was impractical.  For a carryall, it carried almost nothing.  Meanwhile the loud purse worked with only one or two outfits and also couldn't hold all my stuff for our busiest days.  So I searched again.  And again.  And again.  And each time I found something that was wonderful.  Each time I thought this is the one, but each time it turned out to be not quite right for all occasions.
    By the end of summer I probably had acquired a dozen purses ranging from $3 to $30.  Do the math on that and I'd spent way more than I'd ever intended.  They each worked for a specific situation; none of them worked for anything and everything like I'd hoped.  I loved them all, but my closet was overflowing.  I took a step back to gauge the messy mound of handbags and clutches.  When did this happen?!  I vowed to never let it happen again.  And yet...... 
    I saw a blue dress that I fell instantly in love with, but the reviews were abysmal and the price tag was inconceivable.  The search for a modestly priced doppelganger was on.  And now I am practically drowning in blue dresses of every sort.  Not even three months later and I've done it again.  
    Rather than let this failure get me down, I choose to see it as a triumph.  After all, they were all dresses I'd drooled over at some point in the past and managed to find for a bargain.  And doing a theme month might be a fun challenge.  Even though we're in the full swing of autumn with all its red orange and gold, I'm feeling blue is my go to color this month.  Plus the name Blue November sounds so musical.  So in the weeks to come get ready to see more blue on the avenue.
    In addition to Blue November, I'm declaring November 1st as the beginning of No Spend November.  It's time to get back to a budget and to refocus on saving for the future instead of letting every little blue skirt turn my head.  For the past 5 years or so I offset spending by selling unwanted items.  Four months ago I closed my eBay store.  It's too difficult to keep up with while living here and my final sale was to a person who proved to be one of the nastiest characters I've ever encountered.
        After a month long ordeal with this unhappy person, it just seemed like a sign: no more shops; no more resale.  I'll just hang on to what I've got from now until I live closer to a thrift shop with a good donation drop off.  The downside is that it hurts my budget not to have a little extra spending money on the side.  It also causes a lot of clutter which I cannot stand.  But, maybe the clutter is a good thing.  Maybe it will remind me that I have so much, I don't need more.  And the smaller budget will enforce that I can't get more. 
    I mention all this for two reasons: 1.  just to vent.  2.  to be accountable for a goal I've set myself.  I managed to go cold turkey on my Bejeweled habit with great success, so I'm hopeful for this endeavor as well.  It feels good to be accountable here for my commitment to saving for a month and I hope you'll join me for Blue November.  Send me your favorite Blue Dress pics and I'll use them in my posts this month.

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