Monday, January 4, 2016

Red, White, & the Winter Blues: ootd

    All through my childhood and pretty much all of my twenties, I never really got the winter blues.  I loved all the seasons equally for their unique attributes.  But, ever since I spent a few years living in a place that had no other season but winter, these cold months really get me down.  
   Our first year on the island we desperately huddled in our coats and waited for a summer which never arrived.  After our second no-show summer, my girls and I referred to the months of October through May as "High-Winter" and June through September as "Low-Winter."  
    We're originally from a place that often boasts summer temperatures of about 110 degrees.  So when people on our little island described the one week  every other year when the thermometers reached the mid-sixties as a "heat wave,"  we looked at them with a mixture of awe and disappointment.  As those winter months stretched into winter years, the girls and I started looking for ways to beat the endless- winter-blues.  
    We make a point to fill December to March with activities which get us out of the house and laughing with friends.  But,  our go-to fix for those times when we can't go out has been to add some color to our day.  
    Red is one of the most warming and energizing colors, so I try to add it to our lives with a cozy blanket here, a wool scarf there,  a cute skirt in the warmest shade of red, or a red mug brimming with hot cocoa.  
    Maybe it's silly, but it does seem to flip a little switch that tells our brains to perk up.  After all, winter truly is in its own way just as beautiful as the other seasons, and thankfully it doesn't last all year anymore.

A few cozy reds to warm up your day:
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