Saturday, May 14, 2016

Darling Lace Dolly Dress Review

Larmoni Dress Left & ChicWish Dress Right appear to be identical
    I love lace dresses, particularly in ivory or ecru, although it seems like it's much more common to find them in white.  I noticed this dress on Larmoni, and then ran across it again on ChicWish.  I can't find any real difference in the appearance of this dress from the photos, though there are some things of which to take note.  
    For one thing, the size charts vary at the different shops, so be sure to read the size charts before ordering and compare with your measurements.  There's also a price difference.  This dress is called the Darling Lace Dolly Dress at ChicWish and is priced at $59.42.  At Larmoni it is called Eyelet Floral Embroidery Babedoll Dress and is $69.99.  Both sites offer discounts on first time orders, so you could potentially pay even less at either place.  Personally, I didn't buy this dress directly from either shop.  I found mine at ThredUp for only $22.  It was from ChicWish and listed as a size Large.  Although I normally wear an XS, I decided to take a chance and attempt to tailor it myself.   Thankfully, I was able to make the adjustments without any trouble, but I would say that the sizing is accurate for a Large, so buy your size with confidence at ChicWish. 
    Ok, now for the dress review:
This dress is made of a beautiful soft cotton eyelet and has a lovely pearl button at the back of the neck.  It's completely lined and well made.  If there is one con, it's a personal one.  This is a baby doll dress and therefore has a short waist, which doesn't look awesome on my shape, and a short hemline, which doesn't feel so awesome on someone my age.  So, if there is a plus side to buying the dress in larger size and tailoring it down, it has to be the added length and lower waist that I was able to achieve this way.  I'm really happy with this dress and I'm considering getting one or two more cotton dresses from Larmoni.  I love their High End Embroidery White Dress and V-Neck Cutout Embroidery Dress  almost as much as I love this one.
 Shop the Look:
Darling Lace Dolly Dress from ChicWish or Eyelet Floral Embroidery Babedoll Dress from Larmoni
Charter School Cardi in Rose from ModCloth
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Matryoshka Purse from

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