Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Organized Accessories

Elle 70th Anniversary Dress in XS for $24.99
    While perusing Kohl's a few weeks ago, I noticed that a dress I've been watching for several months was finally marked down and it was time to use my 20% off coupon to bring this beauty home.
    Buuuuut, then I had some Kohl's cash to spend, so I decided to pick up one of these adorable ring holders by Lauren Conrad and a necklace as well, and it was all free, so that's a big plus.  I had a really hard time choosing which ring holder because I love them all and it's not something I already own.  
    A few years ago I ran a little jewelry shop on Etsy.  I had so many display pieces that I needed something to keep it all from being a tangled mess.   So, I purchased an old type setter's drawer, painted it white and installed some hooks into each cubby.  That's where I've been storing my jewelry ever since. 

    It took some time, sweat, and a little blood to put all those tiny hooks in, but it was well worth the final product and I loved being able to see everything hanging up.  It made choosing the right piece to go with my outfit so much easier, not to mention that I think it's kind of pretty.
    However, lately I've noticed that in spite of this creative solution still hanging on the wall by my bed, I have a constant pile of earrings and rings on my nightstand that tumble to the floor any time I fumble to turn on the lamp in the morning.  Enter the ring holder/dish.  
More styles available at Kohl's
    They cost about $15 (if you don't have Kohl's cash to make them free) and in the end I chose the blue dish with the white cat and since I had another coupon for $10 off my order I snagged this necklace for free too. 
    I don't shop at Kohl's often, but I do love the way they let you stack multiple coupons onto a single order.  So, the dish and the necklace cost me nothing, no more losing earrings under the bed, and something new and pretty in the bargain.  Maybe I should shop here more often.

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