Friday, February 17, 2017

Worth the Wait: ootd

    I have trouble letting go and I tend to hold on to silly things longer than I should like crushes, sentimental souvenirs, and, yes, the occasional grudge.  One crush that wouldn't fade was for this Two Wheeler Anthropologie dress by Porridge, but I missed it in stores and even years later it was absurdly expensive on the resale sites ($125 for a used cotton dress?  Pass!)  
    It was a wonderful consolation that right about the same time that I began pining for that dress ModCloth started carrying their Bake Shop Browsing dress, so I bought it on sale and have worn it proudly for several years.  (you can see one of the outfits I put together with it here)  Every now and then I'd scan the resale sites for Porridge's version.  I came very close a couple of times, but kept missing the dress by mere hours or pennies.  
    Last week, I happened to catch sight of it in my size on PoshMark just after it had been listed and at only $40.  What was the catch?  Well, the dress was missing three buttons down the front.  Was it still worth it?  Utterly and completely!  The seller was even nice enough to send a lovely note and a little packet that contained one of the original buttons and several more that she thought would be nice replacements.  How thoughtful was that?!  You can see why I love PoshMark .   Not only do they make my fashion dreams come true on the cheap, but the people are the best :D
    Along with this lovely dress, I wore my new Come Ballet With Me flats from ModCloth and my Nila Anthony bag which I use to carry all my camera gear.  I love the flats, the faux suede ribbon in particular makes them very feminine and I've never had a problem with them coming untied, though they are a half size too roomy.  My bag has lasted for several years of constant and sometimes rather rough use, so I'd recommend it should you happen to find it out there on the web.  It has served me well.

Shop the Look:
Two Wheeler Dress by Porridge on PoshMark
Come Ballet With Me Flats from ModCloth
Keystone Nila Anthony Bag from ModCloth
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