Friday, March 31, 2017

One Fish, Two Fish...

Goldfish painting, Goldfish watercolor, Goldfish print available at fish, blue fish....

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Peachy Pie

     I'm out in the woods again today at my favorite spot.  These misty mornings are the perfect time to walk under the canopy of trees and do some nature watching.  At long last, I am wearing my peachy pie dress from Ms. Annya Marttinen  This lovely and talented lady designed the fabric and made the dress herself.   It's full of those whimsical little details I love so much like a print of peaches, pies and rabbits interspersed with layers of lace and perhaps my favorite touch of all is the little beige and gold buttons with bows on them.  I purchased this dress several months ago at the beginning of autumn and wore it with a rust colored cardi and boots.  It looked nice, but something wasn't quite right.  With the change of seasons, I realized this little beauty needed pastels and of course my peach purse.  I completed the look with my tan wrap flats from ModCloth.  It is absolutely perfect and I'll be wearing it to work this week as well and I'm so excited to show it off.  I'm also very excited to extend a special discount of 30% off the beautiful prints, postcards, bookmarks, and stickers in Annya's Etsy shop.  Just enter the code BLEUAVENUE at check out to receive your discount.   My favorite part in all of this has been getting to know Annya.  She is so lovely and I hope you will love her style as much as I do.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hooray for Second Chances! ootd

Winter Berry Cuff, Flamingo Print, and Bunting from
     Do you ever find yourself pining for the one that got away?  As someone who has a hard time letting go, I frequently find myself wishing I'd bought this sweater or that dress before it sold out.  Holding on to the hope of finding those lost loves is what keeps me scouring resale sites for months and even years after they've sold out.  That's where ThredUp swoops in to save the day. It seems like I'm always unexpectedly finding dresses I'd nearly given up on.  
    I really liked this Places to Go, People to See dress in Floral from ModCloth.  The subtle blue grey fabric with tiny floral print and that bright red piping and buttons really gave this dress a vintage flare and made it a stand out piece.  But in the end I kept spending my clothing budget on something else each month until the dress sold out.  ThredUp has this wonderful way of giving me a second chance (at a price I can afford) to bring home those styles I let get away.  Originally priced at $89.99, made it mine for only $24.99 and it's in perfect condition.  
    The sun is just coming up, the clouds are rolling out, and it's my favorite time of day for a walk.  Spring is finally here, the buds of life, the damp earth, all the songs on the breeze.  I am beyond excited to get out and revisit all my old favorite places, and I hope you'll come with me as I rediscover home.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Searching for Daffodils

Just a quick post today.  While passing through this sleepy little town, I spotted a host of daffodils and fruit trees in bloom and had to stop for a few pics.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

A Two Wheeler Kind of Day

    The flowers are blooming, I wake up and fall asleep to the sound of frogs are singing in the pond, and the geese have returned from their southern vacation.  Even though I'm eager for all the pastel colors of springtime, I'm not quite ready to put away all my fall colors especially on a frosty morning like this one.  Luckily, I think there's a way to keep the rust and mustard colors that I love even when spring is in the air. This skirt was purchased months ago, but it seemed too monochromatic for winter wear and finding spring colors to go with it has proven very challenging too.  So, I went all the way back to my autumn wardrobe for this cardi and scarf and I'm very happy with the result, especially on frosty mornings like this.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Annya Marttinen

    It's been quite a while since I've done an artist spotlight and I've been saving this particular artist for just the right time.  With spring in the air and all the animals waking up to stretch and scurry, I knew the time was right for today's featured artist.
    I was looking for something beautiful with delicate details, something innocent and whimsical.  My search was over the minute I spotted the work of Annya Marttinen.  There is something about her artwork that speaks to me. It is so sweet and comforting in the world she has created that it just feels like home.
    From the shy playfulness of her compositions to the soulful eyes of every character, I love it all.  Next week I'll be featuring the lovely dress I bought from Ms. Marttinen last fall, but for now I want to turn the rest of this post over to the beauty of her creations.

Find all this and more at   &
Come back next week to see the outfit photos of the dress I purchased from Annya's etsy shop! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

If You Like Pina Coladas

Personalized Bangle, Quote Print, and Pineapple Key Chains from
     I've never thought of myself as being indoorsy, but I am quite content to spend whole days, even whole weeks indoors, especially when it's cold outside.  I've been likened to that bear from The Sleepy Book bundling up in his blankets.  But, today was simply stunning; so much sunshine, I had to go out.  As much as I like being inside, I love these unexpected breaks that winter takes.  Today was a sundress kind of day.  
    My latest purchase from The Other Sparrows has just arrived and I've been anxious to wear it with this LC Lauren Conrad eyelet blouse I was just talking about in this post.  It arrived within days and it's just perfect!  This sweet pink dress with all the makings of happy hour: pineapples, cocktails, and little paper umbrellas.  Since they're released their new spring collection I've made a number of purchases and I'm so excited to wear them!  I know they're all the same style of dress, but the prints are so wonderful each dress is its own little world.  I don't own that many pink dresses and I'm not sure why, but whatever the reason, I intend to correct it :)

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Pineapple Dress from The Other Sparrows
White Poplin Top by LC from Kohls
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