Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Blue Avenue

These are jewel tones.  Image from http://www.fashionbeans.com/2014/mens-winter-201314-jewel-tones-trend-guide/
Some of the colors I love are impossible to photograph properly.  I wish I could do them justice, but I lack the skill.  Today's outfit is one of those;  it has so many rich jewel tones (see above for the jewel tones) that the camera just can't handle the color intesity :D  But, I can.  I love to pair flowy tunics with skinny jeans--the stretchy, comfortable kind, not the kind that make you feel like you're being squeezed to death.  And, of course, I like to keep my colors in the same palette.
This entire outfit was purchased from a thrift shop and cost about $20 total.

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Tunic & Leggings from ThredUp  <--Use my link to sign up and save $10 off your first order
1950.  Small Vintage Turquoise Ring from my Etsy Shop BlueSunEmporium.etsy.com
Gold Sandals from ThredUp but a similar is pair these All For Knot Sandals at ModCloth
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Summer of Love

Ocean Wave print, Sunflower Print, and Beach Umbrella Print from Etsy.com
       Remember that scene in Marie Antoinette where she says she wants something different, something natural to wear in the garden.  As much as I love all the frills and full skirts of my career and cocktail styles, I have an obsession with simple, white cotton dresses.  In eyelet, lace or crochet, I have ever so many and I adore them all.  Something about them just makes me feel cooler and more relaxed.  
    The tag said it was my size, but I knew this Forever 21 Maxi dress was going to be a bit too big.  I bought it anyway just to have something flowy and natural to wear it around the farm.  I'm going to bring out a few more of my white dresses before the summer is over and I hope to share them with you too, but I also wanted to share a few of the dresses on my wish list as well, especially since there are tons of sales on for Memorial Day. And, while we're on the subject, Happy Memorial Day.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone :)

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Dress by Forever 21  from ThredUp
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My Dress from ThredUp, Floral Holiday Dress from ChicWish, Lawfully Wedded Blithe Dress from ModClothCold Shoulder Lace trim Dress from RomWe

Friday, May 26, 2017

Back to Nature

Bridal Bouquet, Floral Photograph, and Geometric Deer Print from Etsy.com
I went camping with the family this week.  I had some time off and some beautiful weather, so why not head out to the woods for a while?  If there's one thing I always walk away with from a trip like this, it's an appreciation for simple things like heat, running water, and delivery pizza.  I love going for an overnight camp out, but I also love to come home, shower up and change into something ridiculously girly and most likely pink.

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Nature Print Dress from The Other Sparrows 
Layer it On Tights in Gray from ModCloth 
Forever 21 Sweater from ThredUp
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Nila Anthony Purse
Soda Flats

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Great Day For Sale-ing

Unique-Vintage is having a pretty nice Memorial Day Sale.  All items are 20% off with the code MEM20 including sale items.  I just picked up this little beauty by Bernie Dexter at a bargain:
Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sunglow: ootd

    Sometimes I'm drawn to a dress that is just kind of impossible.  "I really like it, but what would I wear with it?"  Ever ask yourself that?  That sort of thinking used to make me decide against things, but now, I really like the challenge.  I've admired this Sunglow dress from Anthropologie for years on the resale sites, but I've never had the guts to buy it.  Beige?  Fine.  Coral?  Fine.  Teal?  Totally Fine.  Neon Yellow?   Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.....
    It turned up on ThredUp last year and I had it in my shopping cart for about a week before I gave up.  I saw it in the background of a glossy magazine ad for organic cheese or something and I felt the buyer's regret over not snagging it for a bargain price when I had then chance.  A week later it popped up on ThredUp again and this time I had to buy it.
    It felt like a victory until it arrived and that neon yellow was practically screaming MISTAKE!  I showed it to all the people in my life that I turn to for advice and they either hated it or to spare my feelings asked, "what will you wear with it?"  Starting to lose faith in my ability to spot the potential in a crazy dress like this.  I hung it up on the wall and briefly debated returning it.  But, no, I couldn't.  I really do like the dress, so I knew I could figure out how to wear it.  The solution came and I wanted to share it with you.  
    For a piece like this, it's the neon yellow that really presents the problem.  So my answer to What To Wear With a Crazy Print or Color is  Keep It Simple.  For this outfit I added just two things: Some metallic beaded sandals (I ditched those in order to wade in the water, but I'll post a pic below) and a chunky turquoise ring that matched the teal stripes in the dress.  That's all.  So, if you fall in love with something really bold, don't worry about what you'd wear with it.  Don't wear anything with it.  Stick with neutrals, or small coordinating accents and let the piece speak for itself.

Shop the Look:
Sunglow Dress from Plenty by Tracy Reese.  Find it here in Size 0 for $65 and Size 4P for $49.99 on Ebay and here in Size 2 for $125, Size 12 for $75, and Size 14 for $160 on Poshmark
Summer of Love Turquoise Ring is from my Etsy Shop BlueSunEmporium.etsy.com 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A little Pug told me......

....that ModCloth’s got a major sale in the works -- running through Memorial Day weekend! Snag tons of new and favorite styles at up to 30% off. No promo code needed. This deal runs from 5/25 at 12a.m. ET to 5/29 11:59 p.m. ET. Get your sizzle on & shop it like it’s hot.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Lots of Dots

Seaweed print, Coral Hearts, and Dalmatian Print from Etsy.com

I love this time of year.  It's just starting to get hot, but everything is still so newly green.  I have a place in the woods nearby that I love to get lost in.  It's full of shady little hiding spots and wildflowers, and everywhere I look the dandelions are dotting the landscape with gossamer snowflakes.  And, speaking of dots, I've noticed that I have quite a growing collection of polka dot dresses, so I thought I'd do a little series of posts featuring them all this summer.  I'm staring with this little B&W number from Forever 21.  You know I love a monochrome print so I can mix it with lots of colorful accessories.  For this one a coral necklace and belt with a bright blue sweater just seemed to be the right combo to make everything pop while still being harmonious.

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Charter School Cardigan in Royal Blue from ModCloth
Coral Necklace from ModCloth
Qupid heels from ModCloth
Forever 21 dress and J Crew Belt from ThredUp
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Similar The Story of Citrus Dress in Polka Dot from ModCloth
Betsey Johnson Camera Purse from Amazon.com

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Season of Succulents

    Oh.  This.  Dress.  This is by far the prettiest cactus print I've ever seen and such a sweet style to go with it.  I had to have it.  It was out of stock when I found it, so I signed up to be notified if any came back in and within a couple of days one was available.  I've used this system a number of times on ModCloth and I usually get a second chance at something that's sold out.
    Since all the cacti are getting ready to bloom I decided to don this dress and grab a few pics of the flowers and succulents in bloom including a type of flower I've never noticed.  It looks exactly like a pink starfish.  It seems that no matter the season, everywhere I look there is something lovely to see

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Dashing Darling Dress in Succulents $64.99 from ModCloth
Also available in the Windowsill Cactus Print for $64.99
Also check out this Awesome Romper from Unique-Vintage in the same print for $52
Soda Flats
The Story of Us Book Locket Earrings $10 available from BlueSunEmporium.etsy.com
J Crew Orchid Cardi from ThredUp
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