Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Verdant Hills

I may have used this title before for a post last year....after nearly 1,000 posts it not only gets hard to come up with new titles, it gets really hard to remember what I've already done.  So, forgive me if I used this title before, but it really never fails to amaze me how we can be surrounded by dead brown grass and branches one day and almost overnight everything is glowing with the bright green of new growth.
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Monday, April 29, 2019

Wisteria Lane

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The wisteria are in bloom and most of them are growing so high up into the trees that I could never hope to capture them in photos, but it just so happened that I had an appointment the other day in a part of town I rarely get to.  The appointment was a hassle and I didn't want to take time out of my day off to go.  Then, as it turned out, the person I was meeting totally forgot about our appointment and decided to take the day off from work.  I tried not to be irked about that and decided, since I had the whole family with me, to turn it into a picnic.  
We went to the store and picked out a few nice, ready made things for lunch and headed to the park.  It was windy, but the sun was so warm we didn't mind having to hold down our plates between bites.  Afterwards, we took a walk through the park and down to the river to splash in the icy water for a moment.  As we drove home, I spotted this gorgeous wisteria, blooming in an empty sunny lot, full of flowers and perfect for a few photos.  
Of course, I wasn't dressed for photos, I don't even think I had make-up on, but I decided to come back in the evening to get these shots.  The lighting was perfect as a storm was rolling in and big gray clouds diffused the evening sunlight.  The sweet smell of these flowers was heavy in the air around them and the tree was loaded with bees and butterflies taking their fair share of its nectar.  I have quite a few shots that came out with the blur of a bumblebee's body streaking in front of my face or outfit, but it was worth it all for these few pics of this beautiful tree.
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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Afternoon

This is exactly how Sunday afternoon should be.  Just the bright blue sky, the deep blue hills, and a quiet field full of flowers.  I enjoy these quiet moments, perhaps not quiet enough to break into a twirl while singing "the hills are alive" at the top of my lungs, mostly because as much as I love music I cannot carry a tune, but in these moments surrounded by so much life and beauty, I can definitely see where Fraulein Maria was coming from.  For now, though, I'll leave the singing to her and stick with quietly picking flowers.
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Friday, April 26, 2019

Dogwoods in Bloom

The dogwoods are blooming and it's so amazing how the woods around my home are full of them, but if I go just five miles away in any direction, they disappear.  What a blessing to find myself right in the heart of this grove of beautiful trees.  I wish they had a lovelier name.  "Dogwood" just doesn't do them justice.  
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The Still Waters

There is a place, just by the road where a large house with many rooms used to sit.  I think it was a mansion once, though it probably wouldn't be called that by today's standards.  And right in from of that house sat this pond large and shaded by trees that bloom in spring and a little pier leads out onto this clear, clear water.  
I imagine there used to be a little boat tied to the shore and a gentleman and his wife would row out on the water when they were newly married and then, years down the road, the man would bring his children out here to fish and talk about all the busy things of life.  The house is gone, but the pond and the pier remain.  The trees still shower down white petals in the spring, the water is always still and crystal clear and just below the surface lies a marvelous forest, a world all its own.  

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Citurs and SunKissed

Orange slices candy, Sunkist soda, and everything citrus under the sun, something about those things just says summer.  I know it isn't summer yet, and no worries about me going on and on about it the way I do when I'm waiting for winter to turn into spring, but I do think it's time to start shedding a few layers and opting for airy fare in bright colors.  Orange gingham isn't something I see very often and I have no idea why.  It seems far more bright and cheery than red or blue and white.  Tell me this outfit doesn't make you feel warmer and cheerier already.
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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Last of the Lilacs

Lilacs are my favorite flowers of all, I think, and the season is nearly over though it's only just begun, so I thought I'd better hurry out to gather a few more to brighten my happy yellow kitchen this week.  I put them in a glass bowl filled with water and set them right on the window sill between the white eyelet curtains so that the breeze can carry this heavenly scent  all through the house.  And I'm glad I took time out of this otherwise hectic morning to stop and smell the flowers and to pick a few, because now, only a few days later, they're already gone for another year.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Captivate All Eyes

Sometimes there's a dress, so lovely, it's beyond words.  This is one of those dresses.  So, I won't say anymore about it, other than this dress makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale.
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Busy Stroll

Life has returned to the woods at last, not just the little green sprigs peeking from under last autumn's leaves, but all the branches are filling up with new leaves and blossoms, and my walks are no longer so quiet anymore.  On this brief outing I spotted crows, woodpeckers, chipmunks, squirrels, and so much more.  I couldn't take a step without something bustling by or flying overhead.  While I do love my alone time out here, it was nice to have so much busy company along.
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