Saturday, April 4, 2015

Let the Sunshine In: How to Wear Yellow

    Yellow is one of those colors that most people seem to avoid.  I've heard so many women say, "oh, I can't wear yellow."  Why not?  Just a little?

   A make-up consultant once told me that women have red and yellow pigments in their skin and whichever of those two you have in abundance is the color you can wear.  She told me that I have more yellow in my skin and should therefore avoid red...and I did for years.  Then one day on a whim I bought some red lipstick and suddenly all those years of going without seemed to be a waste.  I now own and enjoy regularly wearing several things that are red as red can be. 

    It's the same with yellow.  If it's one of those colors you think you just can't wear, reconsider.  Now I'm not suggesting head-to-toe yellow (that's the other extreme to which people go and it's worse than just avoiding it all together).  But a little bit here and there adds such visual interest that it's worth at least owning a piece or two.   It brings such a pop, a burst of sunshine to an outfit.

A few examples from my own wardrobe:
A scarf here, a belt there and suddenly the whole feel of the outfit becomes much sunnier!  Here are a few more cheery picks to brighten your style.

Nina Forbes Canary Peep Toe Satin Heels $78.95 at

Ana Luiza Necklace $88.00 at

Kingdom & State Color Block Bombshell Swim Top $58.00 at

Thank You Cherry Much Sweater in Lemon $34.99 at

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