Friday, September 18, 2020

Modern Millie: A Fresh Discovery

I've discovered a great shop and I have to share it with you!  It's called Modern Millie and I don't know exactly how I came across it, but now that I've found Modern Millie, I can't imagine how I've got along without knowing about it for so long!
So, so many lovely dresses, tops, skirts and accessories; I am hooked on Modern Millie.  I purchased a top and two dresses on my first trip, one of which was this hot air balloon dress by Voodoo Vixen.
Can you believe this dress?!  How gorgeous is this!  Great colors, great print, great cut and fit.  It's like a rainbow unicorn Carebear dream--which is something I didn't even know I wanted until I saw this dress.
Well, needless to say, a dress like this needed a special location, something equally rainbow unicorn dreamy, and I decided to try out a new hairstyle as well.  You think you know a place, know all its secrets, but all it takes is a little research and suddenly you'll discover interesting things you never knew were hiding in plain sight right in your own hometown.

It took a little work, but I did manage to find the perfect place--get ready to see it feature as the background in many more pics after this.  The best part about it was that it was so secluded and quiet.  Hallelujah for places in the world where a person can take photos without people gawking!  
And it took a LOT of work, but I did manage to try this new hairstyle.  It's a little bump style inspired by Holly Golightly's look from Breakfast at Tiffany's.  I'm not sure if I'm just terrible at styling my hair or I have exceptionally difficult hair, but I tend to stick to the three styles that I know will work and I rarely deviate.  So, anytime I feature a new hair style, it's a pretty big deal for me.  For example, an hour before I left to take these photos, my hair was in ringlet curls.  You'll notice in the photos.....almost no curl at all.  And it wasn't because I was stingy with the hairspray. 
To get this easy style, I used a foam bump with Velcro on the bottom to make it stay in place.  It looked ok, but it was sort of lacking.  It was obviously a foam piece and I knew my hair was also going to have to be teased to make it cover the bump.  A little tip for this hairstyle:  I hate teasing my hair; it's Soooo damaging.  So, instead of teasing.........
..... I did what stylish ladies of the past have done.  I saved up the hair from my brush and used it to build up the bump.  It worked beautifully, providing lift and a natural shape, not damaging my hair, and that's the only way I can get something that matches my custom color hair. 
All in all, I'd say this was a pretty great discovery: a couple of new dresses, a new favorite shop, a new favorite photo shoot location, and a new favorite hairstyle.  More great pics of my Modern Millie picks on the way soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Always in Love with Autumn

Short and sweet today.  Not much to say, (Aren't you relieved?  My posts have been quite wordy lately!) just enjoying the day and life in general as summer wanes and it isn't too hot and humid to go outdoors anymore.
I was looking back through all my unfinished posts from last year and found this one, nearly complete, just lacking a few words to go along with it.
I know it's not autumn yet, but it can't hurt to have a little sneak peek of what's ahead and before anyone else has any autumn pics to share.  It makes me feel like I'm on top of things instead of always dawdling along behind, looking for last year's fashion in the thrift shops.  
Although technically this is last year's fashion, (My hair was so short!) I think it's a pretty timeless look.  These colors and this high waist skirt will be in my wardrobe for many years to come.
And here's to hoping that this autumn will be as lovely if not lovelier than the last, but if it isn't, oh well, I'll get creative and think of something.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Thistle Down Meadow

This little meadow provides me with so much enjoyment.  In the spring it's full of wild plum blossoms (and also poison ivy, which is why I don't take spring photos here--lesson learned the hard way on that one).  In the summer it is full of wild daisies, and now as summer wanes, the thistles are filling the meadow with their pink and purple hues.
I like to walk here on cool fall evenings like this.  Long golden grasses crunching under foot, keeping time with the cricket chirps and the bird songs.  The mist rolls across the blue mountain, and suddenly I'm walking in the clouds.
I'm sad to see the summer go, but I love layers and I adore my colorful cardis and tights.  There's always something to be thankful for, something to look forward to, if we just look.

One thing I always look forward to is putting away my summer dresses and unpacking my fall and winter things again.  It's like getting new clothes and flipping through a photo album all at the same time.  I can't help but remember things when I look at each piece of clothing.
I do usually find a few things I'm ready to part with which makes room for a new things so I can update the wardrobe.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I've selected a few new things from old favorites like ModCloth and from newly discovered shops as well.  
Is this print too cute, or what?!  I love the florals, the hues, and the kitties of course.  Inspired by Retrolicious, this is an all year round kind of print, and yes, it has pockets!
You'll have to keep coming back to see them this season, but for today I thought I'd give you a little taste of what's in store this autumn with this Rad to the Bone A-Line Dress from ModCloth which I picked up during ModCloth's Labor Day sale.
With a dress like this, there are so many outfit options.  For this outfit I've pulled from the yellows, purples, grays, and even some bright blue to create my look.  Why choose just one when the sky is the limit.  There are no wrong color combos here.  
I can't wait to show you what else is in store for this season.  And, yes, this field will probably feature as the backdrop for several more outfits, but can you really blame me for wanting to be out here as much as possible while it lasts?
Shopping Info:  Rad to the Bone A-Line Dress - Sleeveless Mid Vintage Inspired by Retrolicious from ModCloth, Tights and Cardi from Japan.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Just Another Manic Monday

Manic Mondays?  I wish my hectic schedule was confined to just one day of crazy.  The months of quarantine, working and schooling from home and not doing much of anything else, really revealed to me just how frenzied and over booked life can very quickly become.  
The trouble is that I have four people in my home and we all want to do things with our time, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do it all and spend time together and get as much rest and calm as we need.  It feels like it's one or the other extreme and there's no balance to it.
Extremes seem to be the default.  Balance is the thing that takes so much work.  But isn't a good life worth the right kind of work?
Whatever your feelings about the existential battle between peace and chaos, at least it's perfectly lovely out this morning.  I thought before I dash off to work to sit under the fluorescent lights all day, I would stop and take a few pics of my wear-to-work creation.
I have enjoyed my time working from home, but I knew it would eventually have to end.  Or at the very least taper off.  I admit it is so hard to get back into the fast and furious routine when I've been chilling for six straight months with no complaint about it.  And there are of course those pesky quarantine pounds to deal with, which requires modifying my outfit choices somewhat.
This is something I've been trying to do as a sort of talk the talk, walk the walk, just to show you what I wear in the real world.  It's easy for bloggers to put together something Uh-May-Zing for a photo shoot.  And it's incredibly fun to don special occasion styles like a ball gown, sexy bodycon, or renaissance theme velvet dress, but totally impractical for wearing in the day to day.
I'm human; I've done it.  Because outfit posts are about creating styles for any occasion and showing you the full potential of an outfit, it's easy to go overboard.  But, rest assured I do wear most of the things I style here, just as I've shown them with maybe a few little toned-down tweaks for practicality.  (You know I'm not above creating a special occasion just so I can wear those ball gowns and bodycons!)
The only thing I would change about this outfit would probably be the heels.  These heels are really comfortable, but even so, by the end of the day being on my feet and on the go, my metatarsals are barking, which is why I almost always opt for flats for the workplace.
But, I thought it would be nice to pause on my way out the door this morning--actually I got everyone rounded up and in the car a few minutes early--so I could snap a few pics on the way to work and school.
So, today it's just me, wearing what I like to wear and enjoying a few quite moments before the day's momentum takes over.
Shopping Info:  Sunday Dress from, heels and Dream of the Crop Cardi from ModCloth, tights and bag are old.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hat & Gloves Required?

You've noticed, you've admired from afar. If you've read this blog for any amount of time you've definitely seen me wear them, and it may have got you wondering, should I wear a hat and gloves too?

I wish style trends could return to the days of hats and gloves being standard accessories for all. There is something about a hat and gloves that adds that extra polish and panache to any outfit. But are they really necessary? The answer depends on you. What is the statement you want to make with your look? For today's outfit I styled this dress both ways.

This RockSteady dress has some very nice vintage design elements in the buttons down the front, the and the layered peplum at the waist, and the pencil skirt, so adding those extra touches like a hat and gloves seems pretty natural to play up that vintage look.  

Hats and gloves aren't in common use anymore which makes them really stand out when someone wears them, and you have to decide if that's the statement you want to make because people are going to notice (and by notice I mean stare...and possibly comment.) Now, comments and stares don't necessarily mean negative attention just attention. Do you want it? Sometimes I can't resist a vintage look. Sometimes I want something a little more subtle.

Personally, I say experiment. Why not at least try them. You might find a new accessory that you really love.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Ripple Effect

Karina's Fall 2020 Collection has just launched and it is loaded with pretty prints to ring in the autumn season.  Today I'm wearing the Margaret Dress in Ripple Effect.  The Margaret Dress is available year round of course, but it's especially great if you like a little extra length at this time of year with the temperature dropping. 
One of the things I love about Karina's Fall Collection each year is that they don't just stick to fall colors of red, orange, rust and gold.  Don't get me wrong, I love fall colors, but I also love how Karina mixes it up with vibrant hues like the navy, mustard, magenta, and white in the Ripple Effect print.
There are so many great prints and styles in this new collection.  If you haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?  Karina definitely has your perfect fall dress!

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