Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Snake Skin Hype

You may have noticed lately all the snakeskin prints on my shopping lists.  There's a very good reason for that...I love them.  When it comes to real snakes, I think we get along best when we maintain a cool, wary distance from each other.  I'm perfectly fine with my current arrangement with the snake community which is live and let live, stay out of my yard and I'll stay out of yours, although there is a wily black snake who has been stealing eggs from my hen house for over a year and I let him because he's harmless, tenacious, and kind of cute.  But, generally speaking, I don't want to touch snakes let alone wear them.  Snakeskin prints on the other hand are an entirely different story. 
This isn't my first post on snakeskin prints.  (You can see that post here along with my 4 Tips for Wearing SnakeSkin)  I first fell in love with snakeskin prints when I tried a body-con dress with a retro vibe from FemmeLuxeFinery.  This sort of print does an amazing job of being both eye-catching and camouflaging.  It's elegant haute couture and demure.  It makes a statement and a tasteful one at that, but it's so easy to coordinate with solids in a variety of colors that it really is a must have print.  
Snakeskin Printed V-Neck Chiffon Dress from Chic Wish snake skin maxi chicwish
My absolute favorite way to accessorize snake skin prints is with metallics.  They're sort of neutral and yet they bring so much to an outfit.  For this Maxi Chiffon dress from Chic Wish, I've accessorized with a chunky gold necklace and earrings from Catherine's and these metallic gold heels by Glamorous.
For an evening out, like this one, I think a little cleavage can be appropriate and tasteful, but I don't want to set this dress aside just for date night.  So, to make it more workplace appropriate, I would add a black or taupe camisole with a plain scoop neckline, no lace and no v-neck.  I would keep all the accessories and the heels though since this dress is long enough that flats would detract from the look while heels bring it balance.
For the handbag, I'd suggest keeping it simple with a solid or metallic  color clutch when pairing with a maxi dress.  A big bulky bag with a long dress can be overwhelming to your shape.  Remember that your clothes should enhance your natural beauty not overpower it, and your accessories should enhance your clothes and your own beauty.  Clothes and baubles are not the star of the show, you are.
Snakeskin Printed V-Neck Chiffon Dress from Chic Wish snake Skin Chicwish maxi

Monday, August 19, 2019

Boho Summer

 I love the way the Queen Anne's Lace holds on and on and pushes back against summer's heat.  I love the way it goes on blooming crisp and pale in the sunshine.  I'm struggling to stay cool and it's just there looking effortlessly glorious.  I've had to shed a few layers and lose a few inches from my usual look, not to mention go with something a little less form fitting, but Boho styles are made for summer, so there's no better time to pull this off.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Keep Your Sunny Side Up

In spite of their sour taste, lemons are a such a cheerful  looking fruit and I instantly feel sunnier in a citrus print.  We've all had those days where it seems like everything goes wrong.  Not in a huge, your world just imploded kind of way although I've had a couple of those too.  Just the kind of day where all your plans are wrecked and you can't stop it.  What should you do when that happens?  There's really only one thing you can do when everything else is out of your control:  Breathe and find something to smile about.  Even better, find something to laugh about. 
Last week I had a big deadline coming up and I really wanted to do a good job, so I set aside what I thought would be the best day for devoting to this project.  And?  Yup, everything went wrong.  I had to go out and take some photos at a city location which is only available on this one day of the week at the crack of dawn.  So, I made myself get up early and drive the hour to said location.  I started the shoot and a mere four shutter clicks later, a mammoth storm rolled in and my photographer for the day and I rushed to take shelter under an awning.
I had set my sunhat down on the street corner before the shoot began and within minutes of the rain starting it was gone.  After 15 minutes of huddling against the rain, the downpour hadn't let up at all.  My photographer decided to chance it and hurdled over the river running down what used to be the street and dashed to the car.  Trying to get the car as close as possible to me, the car was blocked by a van that pulled up out of no where, rolled down the window and extended and arm that held my soggy sunhat.  A friendly face beamed that he had caught the hat as it barreled down the street-river about a block away and drove back to return it to me.  (the kindness and thoughtfulness of strangers never ceases to amaze me) I thanked him and then braced for the cold rain as I jumped the street-river in heels and landed very ungracefully into the passenger side of the car.  
Aye Aye on the Prize Green Sailor Top Blouse from ModCloth
    We decided to go to brunch at a little Victorian era tea house nearby.  I ordered a Monte Cristo (basically a grilled ham and cheese) and was presented with a deep fried funnel cake batter that encased ham and cheese and was smothered in powdered sugar and drowned in raspberry jam.  Ok, I'm all in for mixing flavors, the ham and cheese with the raspberry was pretty good, but the description said nothing about deep fried funnel cake bread and powdered sugar.  What it said was a sourdough sandwich with ham, two kinds of cheese and raspberry jam.  And that's what I wanted.  I'm just not up for deep fried funnel cake at 9:00 a.m.  My friend ordered fried chicken and jalapeno waffles and had some complaints about  the food.  Too spicy, not spicy enough, I don't remember.  At some point during our meal, the storm was officially producing flash flooding like it was going out of style and the rain hadn't let up yet.  We decided to head home.  
So, here's the thing.  I know this sounds like a list of disaster both mild and major enough to make the news, but up to and including that moment of giving up and heading home, I was having fun.  My friend was acting like it was the worst day in recorded history.  I thought we had a nice quiet drive with good conversation and how fun to get caught in a rainstorm and huddle under an awing in a beautiful old downtown on a summer morning while watching the rain.  Then someone actually drove out of his way to return my swept away hat, and when's the last time I was able to splash in the puddles (even if it wasn't on purpose).  My photo shoot was shot, but there's always another day.  And the meal wasn't the best, but it also wasn't my last, so no big deal.  I was still having fun. 
 My friend's mood got darker and darker as the list of mishaps grew longer.  And in spite of all those unplanned upsets, it was the bad attitude that ruined my day, not the bad things that happened.  What I saw (by choice) as things that would make good stories and even better memories, my friend saw (also by choice) as reason to  get angrier and angrier about all these things over which there was no control.  There's a certain freedom that comes with admitting we're not in control of everything.  Having that freedom means you have a choice as to how you will see the situation and what you will do with what you've been handed. 
My advice:  make the most of it, no matter what it is.  Enjoy it or find something to laugh about when these things happen and they do.  The only difference between a bad day and a good one is your attitude about it.
Chic Wish Summer Cool Lemon Print A Line Midi Skirt
So, here I am, back in this quaint little town on a different day, same photographer, and more thankful than ever to be here, feeling positive, smiling and enjoying this beautiful day.

Shopping Info: Summer Cool Lemon A-Line Midi Skirt from ChicWish, Aye Aye on the Prize Blouse from ModCloth

Friday, August 16, 2019

Snake Skin On Trend with ChicWish

Victorian Bowknot Shirt in Blush

Confidence Queen Snake Printed Asymmetric Skirt

Snakeskin Printed V-Neck Chiffon Dress

Fall in Love Lace Top in Black

In the Wild Snakeskin Pattern Pleated Skirt in Light Tan

Diva Full Lace Crop Top in Black

Our Last Chance Pleated Midi Skirt

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Laughter of Waves

A Selection from Water by Mehreen Tahir
Early morning, 
it shines, 
as dew on the grass.
It falls from the sky, 
on invisible strings, 
sated; the land smiles.
Enchanting Peony Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress from Chic Wish
Enchanting Peony Floral Chiffon Maxi Pink Dress from Chic Wish

It trickles as a narrow stream, 
or crashes down a waterfall.
It forms ripples on the smooth river surface, 
or becomes reckless in the stormy seas.
It springs forth from the ground, 
or settles calmly in a well.

It sleeps silently in the lake, 
and dances to the beat of the rain.
It is quiet and mysterious in the depths of the ocean, 
and laughing in the crashing waves of the sea.
Shopping Info: Enchanting Peony Chiffon Maxi Dress from: ChicWish

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Snake Skin on Trend with FemmeLuxe and Romwe

Zip Side Snake Print Skirt-$9.95 from RomWe

Animal Snake Print PU Corset Top - Amy- $17 from

Snake Skin Pattern Zip Front Jeggings-$8.95 from: RomWe

White Snake Print High Neck Bodysuit - Alina $19 from

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Back To School Days

I can't believe that summer is over already.  I always get those butterflies in my stomach at this time of year even though my own school days were long ago.  Not that summer ending is a sad time exactly, it's just a time when that wild freedom of summer has to be folded up neatly for another year and the routines and busy schedules come off the shelf again.   
But, there's a lot to love about back to school.  Like fresh clean notebooks, and seeing old friends again and meeting new ones and of course, the time honored tradition of bringing an apple to put on the teacher's desk.  I happen to know just the spot to pick a few fresh apples in honor of the first day of school. 
 This morning a gentle thunder storm rolled through just as the sun was beginning to rise.  I wrapped up in my COZY UP OPEN-FRONT CABLE KNIT CARDIGAN and decided to go outside to enjoy my morning tea while listening to thunder and watching the rain roll down.  
As the the heavy drops turned to a light mist, I decided it would be the perfect day to inspect the apple orchard and see how the apples are coming along.  
While most apples are ready to harvest in fall, this particular variety is ready now, in late summer.  The skin is so dark red it's almost purple at times and they're sweet and tart and make the most amazing dried apples ever.
The stillness of the orchard and the way the rain has cooled the air, made me glad I brought along my soft white cardigan from Blooming Jelly to keep me cozy while I pick.  There's just enough of a chill in the air that I want to wrap up  until the sun starts breaking through the clouds.  The sun hits the rain drops clinging to the apples, leaves and grass, lighting up the field in a crystal glow.
The apples are crisp and crunchy and I make sure to pick enough to take home to slice up and pack into lunches and maybe even make a pie to have warm and gooey and waiting at the end of the day and a few extras of course to send to school with my daughters so they can carry on the tradition and put apples on the desks of all their favorite teachers this year.
Before I know it, it's time to gather up my bounty, load all my delicious apples into my basket and walk home.  The clouds are clearing away and the sun has fully risen into the sky.  The day is beginning, school is beginning.  There's so much to do, so many busy days ahead.  
The lazy days of summer are over and gone, but there are still many weeks of still mornings out picking apples just like this morning left in the season before the weather turns cold.   And as always, I intend to make the most and the very best out of each day and each passing season.
Shopping Info: COZY UP OPEN-FRONT CABLE KNIT CARDIGAN from Blooming Jelly, Unique-Vintage dress by Glamour Bunny

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Meadows of Brimfield

It's a little more difficult to find loveliness in August, at least in this part of the world anyway.  The rain goes on holiday and everything tends to look rather dry and dull while it's away. Nature lovers like me sit twiddling our thumbs until autumn arrives, but there's loveliness out there, to be sure, it's just less overt than in autumn or spring, and sometimes we have to go out a find it and I think I've found plenty of August loveliness in the new Brimfield Collection from
Nora Dress - Meadow from:
There's a lot to love in The Brimfield Collection from fun and flirty like Country Estate to classic and chic in the Carriage House print.  I was drawn to this earthy Meadow print in the Nora style.  Not only are these colors absolutely perfect for this time of year, but it also has pockets!
I'm a long time fan of KarinaDresses because they make styles that fit real women's bodies and always feel comfortable and look amazing.
Nora Dress - Meadow from:
Nora Dress - Meadow from:
Nora Dress - Meadow from:
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