Thursday, November 19, 2015

Creamery Cutie: ootd & Dress Review

    Often I take my time deciding whether or not a dress is worth the price tag it carries.  Sometimes that works in my favor and the dress goes on sale.  Sometimes I wait so long that the dress sells out.  In the case of ModCloth's Creamery Cutie dress (also known as the Matilda Dress by Dear Creatures), I waited too long.  
    It didn't help things that Zooey Deschanel wore it on some show and had everyone clamoring to get one.  Which is pretty much what always happens when she wears a dress.  A good rule of thumb is if you see Zooey D. wearing it, and you really like it, track it down instantly or it will be sold out by the next day.  It's happened to me enough times that I've finally learned my lesson. 
    So, the dress was gone, but not forgotten. Not by me.  About once a month I would do a search on the resale sites for anything by Dear Creatures.  I saw this dress pop up twice in the wrong size.  Then after months of waiting it came up again and in my size!  At long last the dress is mine, and just in time for Blue November.  I adore it so much, I'm currently looking for its twin in the red/gray combo.

    The material for this dress feels like linen, so ironing the wrinkles out can be a bear and keeping it wrinkle free is even more of a challenge.  Another couple more downers is that it does not have pockets and the zipper is enclosed at the side.  Those enclosed zippers don't seem as effective to me as one that opens at the top.
    On the plus side, the skirt is lined and the design is fantastic.  I purchased this dress in XS which is normally for a size 0-2.  Based on the way it fits me, I'd say it's too big for size 0, but great for a 2 or possibly a 4.
    The colors are soft blue, gray, and white stripes, and although the bow and accent ribbons can appear yellow in some photos they're actually a chartreuse (greenish) color.  It's a really great palette, it feels like spring without looking too much like an Easter egg.
    Overall, I love it and would recommend this dress.  Even second hand, the price can be a little high, so be sure the condition is worth the price.  Happy Hunting!

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  1. Zooey Deschanel's outfits, aside from the humour, is one of the main reasons I watch her show 'New Girl'. I love how we're edging up to December yet your outfits have that spring element to them :) ...The dress is lovely, although..agreed, pockets are a must!
    Sumeyye - Vintagonista

  2. I agree, the show is cute, but I love her style!


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