Monday, December 7, 2015

Scarving Artist

    I've heard it more than once, "I'm just not a scarf person."  It always makes me pull a face and ask, "why not?"  No one seems to have a good reason; they just think it's not for them.  If you're one of these folks, I implore you to reconsider.  A good scarf can not only bring an outfit together, it can bring a whole lot of outfits together.
    It's true that I'm biased.  I love scarves.  I have way too many, but they all make it off the rack at least once a year, so I tell myself I don't have a problem.  I love scarves because they're usually quite inexpensive and can add a lot of visual interest to an outfit (and they keep my neck warm).  Choosing a scarf shouldn't be a hassle; if it's never been your thing, but you're looking to try something new I have a little advice to help.
    First of all, it should be beautiful.  When you look at it on the rack you should have a "wow" reaction.  And it doesn't really matter so much if you have anything that matches it right now.  The second thing is that a great scarf should go with lots of outfits.  My most worn scarves have a great pattern with lots of colors.  Another thing to consider is the season.  Scarves are more common in winter, so that's the best time to experiment.  Lastly, start small on this investment. 
    When it comes to solid color scarves I usually go right to ebay and type in Scarf and dozens of inexpensive options come up.  My fave places to go for printed scarves are Target and Charlotte Russe.  I don't usually pay more than $5-$10 for a scarf and these stores usually run good sales on scarves around October or November and again in the spring.
    Unfortunately this year, these shops didn't  really have anything that caught my eye, so I'm left drooling over these pricier wraps and waiting for their spring sales.

My favorite scarf picks this season are first and foremost from

Ibaraki Scarf $138
Shefali Square Scarf $98
Manali Scarf $148
ModCloth's pretty prints

One Pine Day Circle Scarf $24.99
Prettiest Girl in the Plume Scarf $24.99

Outfox the Eye Scarf $49.99

Gorgeous wraps from Asos

Johnstons Oversized Merino $105
Blank Tassel Detail Oversized Scarf $81

Asos Oversized Square Scarf in 70s Check $33

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