Monday, April 4, 2016

Completely Sane Cat Lady: ootd

One of my favorites and the sweetest boy in the world
 I love cats and I'm a bit of a cat lady back home, but not the crazy variety.  When we left the States we had five cats.  Three of them were outdoor cats that loved to catch mice and birds, and two of them are indoor cats (picture Maru and Hana, except not funny or interesting) that love to lay around and leave their fur everywhere.  No outdoor cats are allowed here, of course, and the two indoor cats are so spoiled (we didn't make them that way, we adopted them) we didn't think they could make the long flight and months of quarantine, so we left all our cats on two farms belonging to family members. Some of them we miss, some not so much.
Sassy Girl, our Japanese cat
Fortunately for us, Japan is full of feral cats and my husband and children have spent the last year slowly gaining the trust of a little calico that was born under our shed.  She now comes to our door half a dozen time a day for food or just for a little love.  I wish we could tame her and take her home with us, but she'll always be wild.  She's happy that way.  Right now we are anxiously awaiting the birth of her latest batch of kittens and the day she brings them over to say hello.  In the mean time I still miss my far away kitties and sometimes when I do I wear the necklace I made that looks a little like one of them.  It's not the same, but it will have to do for now.

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