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Make Up Review

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       I've never done a make-up review on this site and the reason is very simple:  I've been using the same brand and colors for over a decade.  In the past every time I visited a make-up counter or a sales rep came to my house, they inevitably recommended the exact same color palette.  So, I chose a reputable brand with the only foundation that truly matches my skin tone and moisturizer that doesn't cause breakouts from being too oily or dryness from being too...I don't know, whatever causes dry skin.  Lately, I've begun to realize I'm in need of a few extras like primer and concealer.  These are the products I tried and the ones I decided to ditch or keep.

    I started by looking for a primer to help with my fine lines.  I liked that this e.l.f primer also has a green tint to correct redness.  After using this product for a b out a month, I had to call it quits.  It feels very oily.  I don't normally suffer from acne, but I had constant breakouts while using this product.  I ditched it and decided to move on.
    From there I went to this Master Prime by Maybelline.  Now this product, I love!  No oily feeling and no breakouts.  Although, I can't tell that it actually makes my make up look better, it definitely helps the foundation to go on smoother than without it.  I bought this product in white and green and can't tell much difference between the two.  There's so little difference in fact that I decided to buy a separate concealer for redness and one for dark circles.  After browsing the entire make-up aisle, I landed on this all-in-one palette by Hard Candy.
    I bought a little pot of yellow concealer years ago during the baby days to help counter act all the sleeplessness and late night feedings.  It's dry and cakey now and in need of replacement.  My favorite thing about this palette is that it has all the concealer colors plus a variety of skin tone colors.  If I buy a light concealer in the winter, it won't work in mid-summer, because no matter how much sunscreen I slather on I'm going to tan.  So, it's nice to have some options to play around with to find the right shade for my skin tone and season.
    In case you're a make up novice and don't remember anything from those grade school art classes, let me give you a little refresher.  This is a color wheel:

    On the color wheel there are color pairs that are directly opposite of each other are called complimentary colors.  When placed side by side in an outfit at the same intensity they tend to create a very harsh contrast so we rarely pair in the fashion world although you'll see them paired in nature all the time (ie: red berries on green trees and purple and yellow pansies, etc.), but when it comes to make up we can use complimentary colors to help cancel each other out.  The pairs run as follows:  Red & green, blue & orange, yellow & purple.  So, for example, to combat redness use a green concealer.  For purple under-eye circles, use a yellow concealer.  Simple, right?  I don't really like to take a big financial risk on make-up because it's so individual.
    I loved the brush that came with the palette.  It's my first time applying concealer with a brush and it was so much better than just gobbing it on with a cotton swab or my fingers.  It does take time for the concealer to set up.  I usually apply it after my primer and then brush my teeth while I wait for it to set up.  If I don't, it smudges off when I apply my foundation, so it's worth the wait and I can really see the difference when I use these concealers.  
    So, if you're like me and wanting to try out some new concealers and primers, I can say that they're inexpensive, and for me the Hard Candy palette and Master Primer by Maybelline were effective.  I can't get behind the E.L.F. primer and so far haven't had great success with any product by that brand.  But, I don't want to end this article on a low note, so here's one last inexpensive new thing I tried and loved:
    This nude Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss has become my go-to for daily wear.  I've never been a fan of lipstick, so when I do wear it it's either bright red or nude.  I don't know why I go between extremes like that but, there it is and this is my new favorite shade of nude.  So, that wraps up my first and possibly only make-up review.  As for where to buy all these things, they're all run of the mill find them in any shop kinds of products.  I hope this has been helpful and happy hunting :)

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