Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sleeping Deer

Maybe this is a Christmas-y dress, but I really didn't see it when I bought this fabric.  I saw sleeping deer and thought awwwww, and that's as far as my thinking process went.  I knocked this dress out in about three days.  It shouldn't have taken me more than 8 hours to complete, but I'm really feeling the winter laziness.  These sewing projects have been a great cure for cabin fever, but now it seems like winter has been going on For-Ever, and nothing seems to be helping.  Anyway.  The point is the dress is done and it was my first time to do this particular top for this same Simplicity pattern 1873 that I've used ever so many times since I started sewing.  (Yes, I can do other patterns, but this one is so easy and uses less than 3 yards of fabric!)  Even though I've made this pattern so many times, I mess the pleats up every time and this time I didn't realize until I'd sewn the skirt to the bodice and had to take the whole thing out and start over.  I may have just put the dress away at that point determined to take care of it tomorrow, but then I spent the whole night dreaming about finishing it.  That happens to me a lot.  When I start a project, it's better to just see it through rather than have my OCD haunting my dreams.  Since it's so lovely and frosty this morning, I decided to don my newly made, non-Christmas deer dress for a little morning stroll in the icy wonderland that surrounds me.  Even thought I am a die hard fan of every other season but winter, I do love these kinds of days.
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  1. Again, lovely dress! You inspire me to think that perhaps I should try to stop being so lazy and take up sewing again. Great color combination.

    1. For me it was a matter of getting rid of the internet in my home. Of course I still use the internet, but only at the library or other public places. I get so much done now!


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