Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Form of Flattery

    It's always something, right?  Today it's cats.  They're here to remind me that even though I'm all dolled up in my favorite theme--nautical, of course-- that I'm far away from any body of water.  They're also here to remind me that they are in dire need of belly rubs and chin scratchings.  That's what I get for trying to take a few photos in my yard this morning instead of  driving to some crazy location or other.  We're glad to have our orange cat, Garfield with us actually.  He's always been very low-key.  As long as he is fed, he's happy.  
    The other day my youngest noticed that he wasn't feeling well and even growled at her when she tried to pick him up.  She told me about it and I went to inspect.  He seemed alert, but in pain and I noticed that his leg was extremely swollen.  He'd been bitten by a snake, probably a copperhead, because a rattlesnake bit would likely have killed him.  We gave him water and the next morning he was able to eat and get up a little.  Now he's padding around just fine and decided to join me for a photo or two.  Of course, our flabby tabby stopped by too while the kittens are MIA, probably tormenting some cute furry creature.
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  1. Aww poor kitty!!! I hope his leg heals just fine!

    Sora |

    1. He's still healing, but he's up and around and as cuddly as ever :)


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