Thursday, May 3, 2018

Me First!

    Ok, so I'm a longtime shopper at ThredUp and if you've ever shopped there, you know that you can put something in your cart for 24 hours and then it get put back out for others to buy.  So, (and we've all been there) say there's something you want, and of course they only have one of just about everything and things sell like lightning there, but you don't have the money for it or aren't quite certain you want to buy it, what do you do?  Naturally you take it out of your cart and put it back in once every 24 hours.  I can keep that up for a day or two, maybe even a week, but after that, I have a life and I just can't be there to constantly keep putting things in my cart.  I've tried, but it never works.  I either have to buy it or let it go.  
    Now at ThredUp there's a new system called First Dibs.  If someone has something sitting in their cart, you can push a little button that puts you first in line for it.  But this means you're automatically committing to buying the item if the other person doesn't in their 24 hour time slot.  There has been one dress in particular that I've been watching in someone else's cart for two months.  Two Months!  And the person still hadn't bought it.  So, I used the dibs button and eight hours later the dress was finally mine.  (If you happen to be that person, I gotta say, I love you, and I'm a little sorry, but not really that sorry.  You had your chance.)  Yes, this new system very unfortunately take the delay out for some, but it does seem more fair this way.  And hey, I finally got the dress!
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