Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bombshell Anywhere

    Before I begin this post, a brief side note about this hairstyle:  I came up with it for this just by playing around, and I call it the "Rachel"--not as in Rachel from Friends, but as in Rachel from Blade Runner.  And yes, I did ask people to run lines from Blade Runner with me while wearing this style and this dress, but I'm the only one in my acquaintance who knows the movie well enough to quote it on the fly.  Maybe next time. 
    Sometimes I wish I could do more location shots with my outfits.  I see other bloggers living in big cities with fascinating historical sites or beautiful beaches and my little woods and streams seem inadequate.  But, hey, you have to bloom and blog where you are, right?  
    I went to Trek Expo '99 with my trekkie roommate (he called himself that, so let's not open that debate) and got the chance to catch one of my favorite actors, Mr. Bruce Campbell, talking about his experience as an actor and director and answering audience questions.  I'm sure people everywhere have asked him the same things a million times, but he was classy enough to answer it all again with kindness and enthusiasm.  One question he was asked was this:  how do I get started in the movie business?  I've always remembered his answer, not verbatim, but it was something like this:  don't think you have to move to New York or LA to get into the film business.  We looked for investors and made our movie right in our own town.  Start where you are and grow from there.  Wise man.  
    A few years ago I was looking at a catalog full of lovely clothes and featuring women my age and I said to myself, I want to do that.  I want to make clothes and share my outfits ideas.  I want to share my interests with others.  So, I did.  Right in my own home in that sprawling Japanese city I began posting my outfit ideas and favorite shopping grounds and making my own clothes.  Now I'm in my fourth year and have no regrets about this endeavor.   It has been a joy and a pleasure to share my love of fashion and even some of my personal life, both the triumphs and the pain here on Bleu Avenue.  So, while I may not have many city-scapes to offer, I hope that when you see my pics and read my blog, you'll be encouraged to bloom where you are and be a bombshell anywhere.
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  1. I love this! And Rachel from Blade Runner is one of my favorite characters—you pull off her style very well!


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