Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Put a Bow on Top

The holidays are just around the corner which means at least one classy soiree or two and that means shopping for that perfect dress.  Shopping for the perfect LBD for those upcoming parties of the season shouldn't fill you with apprehension.  This is supposed to be a time of celebration, right?  So, why not enjoy this part and FemmeLuxe take the stress out of it.  When it comes to stylish wares for any occasion, FemmeLuxe has you covered.  I'm a devoted fan of their Little White Dresses and Mesh Dresses for special events, but it's a little black dress that's going to be making my season merry and bright this year.
Black Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress - Stacey from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk holday dresses LBD little black dress 
It's not too soon to start searching for that perfect dress and let's face it, starting early and giving yourself plenty of time to look around takes a lot of the stress out of shopping that you'll find if you wait until the very last minute.  It also gives you way more selection and that de-stresses things too.  As part of a series I'm starting this year about holiday dresses, I'm starting with this Black Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress-Stacey from FemmeLuxe.  You know I adore midi dresses for that figure flattering shape they create and I'm partial to one shoulder dresses as that element alone creates a bolder statement, but the icing on this yummy cake has to be the bow at the shoulder.
Black Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress - Stacey from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
If you've spent your life as a shy fashion violet, maybe it's time to blossom a little and make a bold statement and a little black dress with some bold accents is a great way to start. Black is low key and always in style, but when you start adding some standout accents it elevates your outfit to something more couture.  Start with a one shoulder style.  Whether it's attached to a bodycon dress like this one or a swing skirt style, the one shoulder draws the eye more than a simple two strap piece. 
Black Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress - Stacey from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk 
Then top it off with a large accent like this bow that drapes tastefully from shoulder to bust.  This bow is too, too chic.  I love it!  It's tasteful and well blended to the shoulder and the dress as a whole.  It reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would have worn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  All I need is a hat, some pearls and of course some sunglasses to recreate that gilded age Hollywood glam. 
Black Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress - Stacey from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
One thing I particularly appreciate about this Stacey Dress is that  it's doing all the work.  It is made of a thick material, so it holds the bow shape perfectly without any fussing from me.  Too many times I've seen a great dress with an accent which literally cannot hold up in person.  Typically I sit hunched over it at the last minute with a needle and thread trying to sew the trouble piece into place, but not so with the Stacey Dress.  Perhaps the best perk of this thicker fabric is that even though it is a bodycon dress it does some camouflaging to trouble areas.   I'm also thinking ahead to chilly evenings and having a dress with a thicker fabric will allow me to take off my coat or wrap and enjoy the evening without shivering the whole time.
Black Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress - Stacey from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
So, now that you've decided on a standout dress, how should you accessorize it?  I'm so glad you asked, because the answer is quite simply--very, very minimally.  Again, the dress is doing all the work.  You don't need a necklace at all, and because of the large bow accent, I don't think dangle earrings are necessary, just some pearl or diamond studs and perhaps a ring or bracelet are all you really need.  As far as bags go, a small clutch, perhaps something with rhinestones or pearls as well, is preferable to a bulky shoulder strap bag.  For make-up it's more of the same.  Keep it simple of the eyes and do opt for a colorful lip shade that coordinates with your nails.
And Voila!  A simple, stress free look that will take you all the way through the holidays and beyond.
Black Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress - Stacey from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk

Monday, October 14, 2019

Class Up Your Casual Days

They promised the storm wouldn't arrive until midday, so I went out this morning to enjoy the last warm day I may see for a while. Not that I don't trust the local crew of adorable meteorologists, it's just that I'm very skeptical by nature of everyone no matter what their profession. To that end, I took my sunny yellow raincoat with me on my walk. I bought it for my trip to Iceland and it got me through all the rainy days of adventuring in Iceland, (and yes, every single one of my days in Iceland was rainy). I brought my raincoat today just in case “they” were wrong about the weather, and I'm glad I did because the rain started falling before I could get very far from home.
Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery
Very often I find my outfit choices reflect what I see when I look out my window in the morning. Today the colors were so rich thanks to the coming storm, maybe I chose the navy blue because of the clouds and camel because of the gold of the autumn fields. I love the way the rain clouds turn the hills that deep blue and the grass was so green I could have mistaken this for a spring day if not for the chill moving in on the breeze. I'm glad I don't have anywhere in particular to be this morning, it's so lovely. This is the perfect day to go out walking in the world and soak in all this beauty.
Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery
Normally for my outfit posts, I wear one of my novelty prints or a dressy dress, but I do love to show off my casual outfits too, especially when I find something that makes my figure look amazing while still being so comfortable. As much as I love my dresses and as popular as those posts are, I think most people are looking for something stylish and classy for the regular day to day stuff. I feel totally at ease like these CamelHigh Waisted Slim Leg Trousers - Katrina. From Co Ords to Mesh Dresses, I always go to FemmeLuxe when I'm looking for figure flattering pieces that are good quality and provide versatility. The thing I love about FemmeLuxe's trousers is that they look dressy, but they're just as comfortable as jeans. 
Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery
These Katrina trousers are made of a stretchy fabric so they fit like a glove but they're breathable and not constricting at all. I love the high waist as well, it's just the right rise to create that hourglass shape and the color is neutral so it pairs with just about anything. I decided to wear a slim fit navy polka dot tee to really show off the waist and this square neckline is flattering for smaller busts as much as it is for the more well endowed. Whatever you have to work with, there is a way to work it; it's all a matter of finding the right pieces for your shape and FemmeLuxe can help.
Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery
It's funny how something as simple as tucking in your top and adding a belt can change the overall vibe of an outfit, but it really is the little things that set the tone sometimes. So, to accessorize these Katrina trousers I added a camel bow belt with gold accented tips and I'm wearing heels to coordinate with the navy dot top but I think this outfit could easily dress down with cute flats or dress up with a blazer or leather bomber jacket. I decided to do my make-up and hair in a way that is suggestive of vintage style but not overt so it's more of a timeless look.
Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery
Of course sometimes all that thought and effort that go into hair and make-up don’t amount to much when it starts pouring rain, which is exactly what happened and it brought my morning stroll to an early end. Even though I dashed back to the house as quickly as I could, I still got a little wet, but that's ok, I had some nice soft loungewear to change into and plenty of warm blankets to curl up in.
Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery
Shopping Info: Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery, Scoop Neck Polka Dot Fitted Top from Shein, Bow Belt and The Zest is History Heels from ModCloth
Camel High Waisted Slim Leg Trousers – Katrina from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk

Sunday, October 13, 2019

How to Wear Metallics

It's early morning in the city with the chill just slightly in the air and the maple trees are already putting on their autumn hues. This is such a calm and quiet time of day, especially here where in just a few short hours the buildings and sidewalks will be teeming with activity. I'm not exactly the most adventurous fashionista in the world.  In fact I've spent most of my life being rather reluctant to try new things, but blogging makes my experiments fun and dare I say a little educational too and FemmeLuxe takes the anxiety out of trying new things because I can count on their ability to make curve friendly fashion and luxe dresses from little White Dresses to Mesh Dresses they've never steered me wrong. 
How to wear metallics Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
Since collaborating with FemmeLuxe I have become much more “adventurous” and one of the most fun things about trying new things has been the way that I can share what I learn with you, my dear fellow fashion lovers, in the form of tips and style how-to articles.
Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
You've probably read about some of my fashion pursuits. I spent several years searching for the perfect ivory cotton dress, and then there was the summer spent looking for the perfect swimsuit for my shape. I was obsessed with finding the perfect fox sweater for at least the better part of two years, and plaid skirts and novelty prints are a pursuit I've never abandoned. Lately I've been crushing on fabrics like velvet and metallic dresses.
Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
Some of my fashion crushes come and go, others become lasting staples in my wardrobe either way I always learn something along the way. In the past year we've covered lots of great topics from jumpsuits to corset tops and one shoulders. A couple of months ago I touched on the topic of adding shiny metallics to accessorize your look and I loved the effect. I definitely think this is a style that is here to stay in my fashion repertoire, so for today's post I thought I would take it to the next level with a metallic dress and some tips for wearing metallics.
Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
For this post, I'm wearing the SilverMetallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery. This midi dress is so sleek and sexy; I am so pleased with it. I've blogged about several of FemmeLuxe's metallicdresses and the reason quite simply is that these dresses are great at accentuating the narrowest part of the waist creating a great silhouette plus they have that extra pop thanks to the shiny veneer. The ruching on this Viola dress is really nice for creating visual interest in both the shine of the fabric and the very subtle black vertical lines running through it but also in the ruching at the sides which also serves to camouflage trouble areas.
Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
Tip 1. Break it up. Head to toe metallics isn't exactly a fashion faux pas, in fact it can look quite couture, but wearing the same tone head to toe will likely make you look like a robot from a 1950s B movie. Unless you're heading to a costume party, that's probably not the look you want to rock. If classic sci-fi she-bot isn't your goal, be sure to break things up by mixing your metals or limiting yourself to just the one metallic piece. I used gold accessories with this silver dress and black heels to create some visual diversity.
Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
Tip 2. Focus the Shine. Metallic colors are quite eye catching, but too much bling can be blinding. Tone down the shine by choosing a few small jewelry pieces to accent a matte item or, as I've done for this outfit, you can accessorize with matte pieces. The Viola dress has all the shine while the jewelry is matte gold and heels are made of a non shiny fabric so they don't detract from the focal point which is the midi dress and those accessories also don't overwhelm the eye by competing with the Viola dress. A matte blazer or wrap would also accent this dress well.
Silver Metallic One Shoulder Midi Dress - Viola from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
No regrets about this experiment; I love the look of this metallic dress and I know I'm going to keep this fashion crush going. Metallic dresses are definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my wardrobe.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Miss Peregrine: Cosplay

Halloween's around the corner and although I've been thinking about a costume for months, I only just landed on something this week.  So, now I'm in a mad dash to pull everything together before the big day.  I've decided to go as Fleur Delacoeur from Harry Potter this year.  I have some of the pieces already, that was the main deciding factor in all this, but for a few of the others it's a waiting game with teh post office and I don't know why I didn't just decide on something earlier.  
All this chaos got me thinking about my costumes of the last few years and the emerging theme seems to be women from literature who wear blue.  Miss Peregrine, Alice in Wonderland, and now Fleur Delacoeur. And then it hit me that I never updated my post about our Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Cosplay Costumes here from a few years ago.  It occurred to me mostly because someone said, "hey, how come I never got to see pics of that."  So, as promised, albeit several years late, here are the results of our family cosplay for which we won first place in the beginners category.
In keeping with the true spirit of Cosplay, the crossbow, lead shoes, fire, dolls of the twins, and the facial appliance for the hollow-ghast were all made at home.  However, in keeping with the fact that my sewing skills were still pretty basic and my machine was still in storage, the clothing was mainly purchased although I did enjoy the search for look-alike pieces.  
The girls' dresses for Olive and Alice were purchased from TheOtherSparrows and then altered to fit them.  The Miss Peregrine costume was purchased from FanPlusFriend and the heels are from ModCloth.  The wigs are from Aliexpress.com and the pipe is from Amazon.com.
The hollow-ghast costume was purchased cheaply from a used clothing store since it was going to be stained and shredded to create the right look.
Shopping Info:  Miss Peregrine Costume from Fanplusfriend, heels and tights from ModCloth

Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Very Short To-Do List

Grey Loungewear Tracksuit set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk

I'm writing this post from my favorite place in the world—my bed.  It's so warm and snugly here and I've been on the go for so long, I just need a few extra minutes in bed today.  This year I decided to reconnect with a dear friend of mine from university.  She lives in Europe and I'm stateside, so we decided to meet in the middle in Iceland.  A post with all the travel deets (i.e. great hotels, things to do, and yummy cuisine not to mention tons of photos of stunning natural beauty) is on the way, I've just been too busy to sit down and write it....maybe I'll put that on my to-do list for tomorrow.  
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
That epic girls' vacation was in early September and when I came home I only scheduled myself one day to rest and recover before heading back to work to begin my latest busy season.  It wasn't the best idea I've ever had, but it was either only leave myself one day to rest or put off the trip entirely until spring.  So I decided to power through.  I missed my friend and I was afraid that the longer I waited the more things would get in the way until we just gave up on seeing each other again.  Yes, I did pretty much sleep all that day and I may or may not have gone to bed at 7 p.m. for the next few nights following, but it was all worth it for alone time with a good friend.
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
Not only have my programs begun at work, but autumn is also harvest festival season and I really wanted to get involved.  So, I have been out for the past few weeks working in local communities to help make their festivals a success.  I'm not trying to over inflate my role, it was actually pretty simple, being helpful usually is.  
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
Some of my work involved creating some activities and contests and all the associated fliers and images for social media, but most of it was just being a body to walk the grounds helping where needed.  None of it was particularly difficult, but it did make my typical 38 hour work week look more like 70.  Somewhere in the peak of all that activity, I caught a cold too.  I'm on the mend, but at the end of all this activity I am feeling pretty run down.  Time to hang up the work schedule for a little lounging.
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
Today is my long awaited and much anticipated day off and I have blocked out my entire schedule for doing nothing.  Ok, ok, I know I say I'll be doing nothing and I've been fervently telling myself that today I'll be doing absolutely nothing, but I can't actually do nothing.  I have to take the kids to school and run a few quick errands before I can come home and kick back with a nice cup of tea and the latest episode or two of my favorite British situational drama.  But, I can do all of it, from errands to a cup of chamomile tea and sunbutter cookies while snickering at Doc Martin's antics, in the comfort I need today and the stylishness I love with a loungewear set from FemmeLuxe.  
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
FemmeLuxe has quickly become one of my favorite brands for everything from Co Ords and Lace Bodysuits to little White Dresses and of course I love the loungewear sets.  Even though I haven't turned on the the tv to see our chipper meteorologist with his winning smile and impossibly white teeth tell me that autumn is truly beginning I know that it's true.  The temperature has dropped sharply overnight and I'm glad I put a fleece throw over the comforter before I fell asleep so that the chill didn't wake me.  
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk
I'll need to start a fire before I venture out from under these soft, warm blankets.  I'm glad I have this Maria Loungewear set to keep me warm today.  There is something I love about heather gray this time of year in particular.  It's such a soothing color like the smooth gray clouds gathering on the horizon, blocking out the sun, almost like nature's snooze button beckoning me to go back to sleep awhile. Alas, I can't stay in bed any longer.  I have to be up to get my short to-do list knocked out before the rain comes and I'll try to enjoy this restful day while it lasts.
Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk 
from FemmeLuxeFinery.co.uk

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Movers and Bakers

I love it when a stand-out dress goes the extra mile, adding details that really make it an over the top piece.  Everything about this dress was love at first sight, but that bow in the back has to be the best and cutest feature of all.  This little beauty is out of stock on MC, has been for a while, but should you find it on the thrift sites, purchase with confidence and all possible expedience.  It's perfect for summer, perfect for girly-girls, perfect for the vintage lover in all of us.
Hell Bunny by Vixen Movers and Bakers Strawberry Dress from ModCloth
Hell Bunny by Vixen Movers and Bakers Strawberry Dress from ModCloth
Shopping Info:  Hell Bunny Vixen Movers and Bakers dress from ModCloth

Sunday, October 6, 2019


KarinaDresses.com has just released their newest Bewitched Collection bringing you all sorts of treats in the form of lovely fall prints and styles that look great on every body.  No tricks here, just the same wonderful quality that I've come to rely on with KarinaDresses.com 
Ruby Dress Review in Charmed from KarinaDresses.com
Today's post features the Ruby dress in Charmed.  If I've never mentioned it before, I am a huge fan of three quarter sleeves.  They're my favorite in fact and although they're not as common in the dress world as I'd like, I think most women feel that way about them and that's why KarinaDresses carries an assortment of 3/4 sleeve dresses--they know what women want from a dress.
This particular Ruby dress also features this stunning midnight blue and twilight purple print that I absolutely adore, not to mention the flattering neckline and tie waist.
The leaves are changing and looking ever so lovely today.  Nature truly does a wonderful job of making autumn look lovely, but I leave it to Karina to keep me looking fab all year long!
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