Monday, December 29, 2014

Dressy Shorts

   I don't drive much these days.  I wish I could say it was in the name if some great cause, but it's really just because I hate driving and I currently live in a country where everything is the opposite of what I'm used to.  So, I walk.  Everywhere.  Or take the train, and then walk.  I really enjoy it most days.  I arrive at my destination with a clear head, feeling accomplished.  Unlike when I drive and arrive frustrated and ready to bark at the next person who gets in my way.  The trouble linked with all this is how to dress for the commute.  Is it raining?  There goes wearing flats.  Is it windy?  There goes the short skirt.

    One fine summer morning I stepped out to perfectly calm weather.  As the day progressed the wind picked up.  By noon I didn't have enough hands to keep my skirt held down for 360 degree coverage and I still had a very long trek home.  I darted into the nearest shop, which happened to be junior's clothing.  I grabbed the only pair of shorts I could find (size XL was the nearest to an adult size available),  paid and walked back to the dressing room.  They were on clearance for just over $6 and I put them on  knowing they would do their job today and keep my under-carriage covered and then I would never wear them again.

     Maybe it was the unhappy circumstances in which I bought them, but I kind of hated them at first.  The material was thin, there's a big bow on the front.  I felt a little too old to wear them and they just didn't interest me.  But, I kept them.  The more I looked at them, the more potential I saw.  So, I started to experiment.

    Dressy shorts?  I never would have gone for them, but I'm so glad I kept trying.  These simple shorts have become one of my favorite pieces and the low price made trying something new a worry-free endeavor. 

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Peter Pan Blouse by Forever 21

Emerald Blouse with Navy Horse Print by Target
Black Tights by ModCloth
Black Leather Ballet Flats by Jessica Simpson

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Scandinavian Inspirations

    I have been drooling over the Ivoire dress by Tracy Reese for months.  It's long gone from Anthropologie, but I've been scanning the ebay listings for one that was my size and the right price.  The original price tag was almost $200 and the reviews complained about how fragile it was, so getting a bargain was a must.

    Christmas was coming, I had a little extra to spend and Ivoire finally popped up at the right price.  Although I had to get up at midnight to catch the auction, it was totally worth it to have this beauty.
While I waited for it to arrive I was trying to think of how to wear it.  It's winter after all, time to layer up.  With this color of cream I knew I would pair it with blue and yellow...or maybe yellow and blue...why not both?!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Orange & Blue: What to Do

    I finally broke down and bought the Bake Shop Browsing dress in the blue and white bicycle print from ModCloth before it sold out.  I had to buy a size larger than usual since that's all that was left, so it's going to need a little tailoring, but I knew I'd regret not getting this one.

    I love the bright blue color but it's definitely a summer dress.  Since summer is so remote, I really wanted to pair it with orange for a fall/winter feel.  If you're familiar with the color wheel you know that orange and blue are opposites and can look very harsh together.  To better balance this color combo I chose a rust (orange-red) colored cardi.  The addition of a little red to the orange brings a better balance when pairing it with blue.

Here's a color wheel showing the colors I used.  Notice that most of the colors are on the same ring of the wheel.

Winter Mint

I know that mint is traditionally a spring color, but I gotta say it really brightens up my winter.  Spring colors in cold weather gets me looking ahead to sunnier days.
I've been looking for the perfect mint green dress and this little beauty by Anthropologie is it.  It's cotton, which I love, and it's knee length, so I can wear it when I'm commuting without having to worry about every little breeze.
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Bottlegreen Dress by Meadow Rue, Anthropologie
 All Eyes on Me Peacock Scarf by ModCloth
Lime Green Cardi by August Silk
Dynamic Debut Heels by Qupid, ModCloth
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