Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Too Much Fun in Airplanes: Dress Review

    I should really title these posts "ootw" (outfit of the week ) since I don't do them daily.  Let me start my post with the dress review and it is this: Don't Buy It.  It's currently still retailing for $89.99 and is no where near being worth that much.  I purchased it on Ebay from a seller who said she'd only worn it once.  Yet when it arrived there were places all over the dress where the dye had bled.  It was especially noticeable under the arms and around the belt where she had evidently been sweating.  I need to point out here that I contacted the seller right away and she immediately apologized for not noticing the marks and offered me a full refund if I returned the dress.
    I went to ModCloth and looked at the reviews for the dress and basically everyone who had a problem with it said the same thing, the dye runs when you wear it.  So, I contacted customer service and told them the problem.  They instructed me to wash the dress in cold water with a detergent made for dark colors.  Now I had to decide whether to return it, since I never would have paid even $30 for it had I know about the dye stains, or, try to save it since it is one of the rare dresses by Emily and Fin that actually comes in my size.  I decided to try washing it and it worked pretty well.  The worst stains are very faint and the rest aren't visible anymore.  I'd like to applaud ModCloth for the great customer service, I only wish they'd do a little better job with quality control on their dresses before slapping a $100 price tag on them.

For this dutch braid crown, I used Kayley Melissa's Tutorial on


  1. Where oh where can I find that beautiful red shirt you're wearing in the first picture? I fell in love as soon as I saw it!

  2. Thank you, it is a great sweater. It's from Delia's, but I bought it a while ago. If it's not on their site, check ebay or Poshmark.

  3. Here's one on Ebay in purple, sz med.

  4. Thank you SO much! Especially for the eBay link--I think I'll buy it!


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