Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Little Matryoshka

    I've loved matryoshkas, also known as Russian nesting dolls, for as long as I can remember.  I don't know many children who are instantly infatuated with them. Most outgrow the fascination, I did not.  The funny thing is I don't own any nesting dolls.  But, Japan loves matryoshkas too and they're featured everywhere here: fabric, juice glasses, stationary, curtains, blankets.  
    A couple of years ago ModCloth had an Eva Franco dress with a nesting doll skirt.  It was absolutely gorgeous and at $295 it was absolutely out of my price range.  (That's where the fabric comes in handy and I hope to post pics soon of the dress I'm making.)  But while I was searching for this fabric last month, I came across this adorable purse and since there were only two left, I bought it without hesitation. The last one sold within a day, so I have no regrets.

     I knew just the dress I'd use for my first outfit with this little babushka.  Something sweet and pastel to provide a little contrast to the black bag, but also match the cheeks and face.
    So, although this bag has sold out at the shop where I bought mine, if you do happen to come across one in you own searches, I recommend purchasing it.  For a novelty purse, it's quite spacious and seems to be very well made and of good quality.

    I'm including a pic here that is just the outfit sans purse, because I really want to highlight in this post the effect an interesting purse can have on the overall look of an outfit.  A belt would help to give it a visual break up at the waist, but the purse really takes it beyond being just average or nice.  
    Novelty purses like this one may not be your thing and that's OK.  The idea is to choose an interesting purse to perk up your look.  What makes said purse interesting can be any number of things like its shape, color, print, pattern, or a combination of those.

Shop the Look:

Purse is from
Dress is Sunny Girl
Cardigan is Mak from ModCloth
Shoes are from Charlotte Russe

Necklace is handmade

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