Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Foxy Sweater Finally!: ootd

    Sweet success at long last!  After a tireless search for a reasonably priced fox sweater, I found two foxy tops on the same visit to my favorite online thrift store.  The first one I showcased last week in this post, I am so very pleased to present the second (and hopefully final) fox themed top in my wardrobe. 
    Like the first top, this one came from ThredUp, but I have to admit I cheated a little to get this one.  I was actually looking through the children's clothes when I saw it.  It was listed as a girls' size 14, which from experience I can tell you is quite similar to a ladies' XS, so I knew it would most likely fit.  I didn't mind taking the risk, because if it didn't fit, I do have two little girls who I knew would love to have it.  
    A word of caution about buying younger sizes, the width is usually equivalent to adult sizes, but the waist (if the item has one) is usually much higher and the length is much shorter.  I don't typically shop in the kids' department, but I know that when it comes to sweaters, a shorter length goes great with skirts.  I took a chance and it panned out.  And, I'm so glad it did, because now my fox sweater search (or maybe obsession) is over and I can move on to the part I really love, which is finding lots of ways to wear it.
    The great thing about this sweater is that it has an eye catching pattern, but is otherwise comprised of neutrals so it feels a little more sophisticated (as sophisticated as animal faces on shirts can be) and I can wear it with lots of things.  Next week I'll be using this top again in a post all about neutrals, but for now I decided to play up the foxy colors with my favorite orange and brown plaid skirt and an orange scarf.

Shop the Look:
Fox Sweater from ThredUp (use this link to save $20 off your first purchase )
Plaid Skirt from ModCloth
Flats by Seychelles
Jewelry is handmade
Orange scarf was purchased locally but I love this Pumpkin Infinity by PhylPhil


  1. This is such a lovely and cosy outfit! I wasn't aware of the online thrift shop that you mentioned so I'll heed your advice and check it out!

  2. I hope you love it! I'm totally addicted to this place :)

  3. Replies
    1. This is a children's brand called Pink Republic. I bought it in a size 14.

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  5. Thank you! Absolutely adorable sweater/ensemble!

  6. So Cute!!! I wish I can get it. Really lovely. Thanks a lot.

  7. So Cute!!! I wish I can get it. Really lovely. Thanks a lot.

    1. had some of this style sweater (in bright colors not neutrals) in the kids dept. You'll have to search resale sites for the skirt. It's been sold out for a while.

  8. I am sorry, but someone could kindly help me to buy the skirt? I have looked at ModCloth but I could not find it. Please, help me! I am in love with this out fit.


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