Friday, April 29, 2016

Accessorizing your Accessories

    Did you ever have a small piece of your wardrobe that spoke volumes?  That novelty purse or statement necklace that was so wow it brought more life to any outfit?  Or maybe it was so full of statement that you just didn't know what to wear with it?  Pieces like this can be wonderful and they can be tricky.  The key to wearing them is to build a simple outfit around them.  I have an acquaintance who is the Mozart of sewing.  She makes the most amazing cloth dolls and purses.  My girls have two of the dolls she made and they were so beautiful I hesitated to give them to my children only to be worn to pieces.  But, I did give them the dolls and they treasure them still.  
    This crafty lady sent me a purse that she had made from up-cycled items and asked how I would wear it.  It has so many lovely, warm colors and a boho feel to it that I immediately thought of a casual dress and leggings.  It just so happened that I had bought a TopShop dress with the intention of wearing it for some family portraits, but once it arrived I realized it would be shockingly short.  Not to worry, I paired it with some leggings and this purse and headed out for a day of running errands and hanging out at the park.
Start with something simple like two solid color items.  This burgundy dress and dark chocolate leggings and flats are also quite similar in intensity.  By itself, this outfit is understated but not bland.

Adding a statement piece like this really adds visual interest to the outfit.  The purse has so many colors, it was easy to find things in my wardrobe to go with it.  With the striped print, fringe, and floral embellishment, it really livens up the outfit.



  1. Really cute! I like to wear all the pretty things! at the same time! and have to cut back a bit before I go out sometimes. You look elegant and charming.

  2. <3 I LOVE IT <3 I LOVE IT <3 I LOVE IT <3 and.... ^_^ thank you ;)


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