Friday, May 13, 2016

A Map to Fashion: Sewing Project

    I didn't start out trying to make my own version of ModCloth's For the Mercator Good Skirt.  I know there are entire blogs devoted to DIY ModCloth styles,  and I've done one myself with a certain Russian doll dress, but in this instance it was just a case of great minds thinking alike.
    I saw this gorgeous map print fabric on Fabric.Com and thought, "wouldn't that make a beautiful skirt!"    It wasn't until later that I saw ModCloth's version, which has just been restocked if you're interested in purchasing rather than making your own.  I have no regrets about making my own though, because I feel like this style is a bit fuller and longer and looks much better on my shape.
    It's worth noting that as far as cost goes, ModCloth's version is $59.99 and making it myself cost me about $40 for the fabric, lining, zipper, and pattern, plus about five hours to cut it out and sew it.  So, $60 is actually a really good price for this skirt.  But, since I already had the pattern and the fabric before I realized that ModCloth was carrying this skirt, there was no sense buying what I could make myself.
    The reason I chose this particular pattern was that I stumbled onto a youtube video by Creativebug that I thought walked me through the entire process, so I could finally make something on my own with zero help from my husband.  He was pretty excited about that too.  Turns out the video only walks you through about 70% of the process and then you have to pay a membership fee and join their website to see how to do the rest.
    I felt like a complete fool for having fallen for this trick.  To add further frustration, I had just reached a difficult point and I was lost without a map (pun intended) on a very unclear portion of the instructions about sewing the yoke to the skirt.  My husband agreed to help, but soon found himself befuddled by the directions too.  Between the two of us we figured out how to do it and the result is...well, not perfect, but I'm really happy with it.

    Also, I'm excited to share my first purchase from PeachTreeLane.  I'm hoping to devote an entire post to this shop and the lovely lady behind it in the upcoming weeks.  For now though, these adorable bee earrings made it just in time for Mother's Day and I'm so pleased with them.  I have sensitive skin, but these little beauties haven't caused any irritation.  Although they're smaller than I imagined, I think that just makes them even more charming, and they go perfectly with my honey comb necklace.
Shop the Look:

To make the skirt use Simplicity Pattern 1369 & Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Expedition Multi
Or you can go with the For the Mercator Good Skirt from ModCloth
Definitive Drama Heels and Nectar in Line Necklace from ModCloth
Bee Earrings from PeachTreeLane
Lil Top by Anthropologie purchased at ThredUp
    If you're new to this awesome online Thrift store, use this link to save $20 off your first order

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