Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I'm Seeing Hearts: Upcoming Dress Review

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      About a month ago I was having coffee with a friend when out of the corner of my eye I spied a local woman in a gorgeous red heart knit dress.  I wanted to jump up out of my seat and ask the woman where she found that dress, but I didn't want to be rude to my friend, so I sat quietly and waited. The woman left before our chat ended.  I figured she found that dress in some cute Tokyo boutique, so I'd likely never find it myself.  
    Flash forward to three days ago when I was browsing ThredUp and spotted this Yumi Heart Dress for $26.99.  It was cute and I was instantly reminded of that even prettier heart dress I saw in the coffee shop.
    I liked this dress, it's very unique, however on closer inspection I decided not to buy it.  I don't care for the cut (it has no waist) and for the mix of fabrics (heavy knit with a faux suede border?  blech).  Even if it seemed completely hopeless, which it did, it renewed my interest in finding that lovely red heart dress.
    I decided to do a quick search to see if I could find anything similar.  To my utter surprise and delight, within five minutes I found the very dress that was so clearly etched into my memory at not one but two different shops!  Behold the gorgeousness of the illusive red heart dress!
The dress on the right is from AliExpress has long sleeves, and comes in a variety of colors for $49.90

    I chose the $24.69 dress from Ebay, because....well,.... this blog is all about me being fashionable and thrifty at the same time, duh-doy.  As with all my other purchases of late, it is headed to my home in the States and a review will just have to wait til I make it home.  In the mean time if someone out there gives this dress a try in either the short sleeve or long sleeve version, leave a comment on how well you liked it and send me a pic to post with my review as well.


  1. I can't wait to see your review! I'm really interested in the long sleeve one, but both versions look pretty short so I'll have to wait to see what you think :)

  2. Hopefully I'll have it posted by the end of December.


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