Thursday, December 22, 2016

Closet 911

    Travel means making due with what's available.  In the last few weeks I've gone from an enormous walk-in closet all to myself to a suitcase and now to tiny closet that I share with another person and a whole lot of memorabilia.  
    The frustration and closet claustrophobia are compounded by the fact that the rest of my extensive wardrobe will be arriving in a few days and I have no where to put it.  
Check this out: --> 
(My stuff is on the upper right and look at all that empty space on his side of the closet!!!)
    Not to worry, we won't be here forever and I'm well schooled at making due.  One day we'll build our own home and when that day finally comes I know a couple of things for certain:  
    A) That my closet, both for shoes and dresses, will be on a rotating rack so that nothing gets hidden or crammed at the back and B) It will also not be a walk-in closet; there's just not enough light or space in those.  I'd like it to open out into the room like a  miniature studio apartment for dresses and heels.
    In the mean time we're making some room in the attic for these boxed up memories and I'm trying like crazy to dust off my fourth grade Tetris skills to make everything fit so I don't have to downsize my wardrobe.   Sadly I may not be able to avoid downsizing (yes, I will post everything here first if I decided to part with anything), and if I do have to get rid of some things I found this very handy flow chart from to help keep me focused and centered during all the sorting and storing that's going to occur next week.   MakeSpace is a self storage company I came across!    
Wish me luck, once all those boxes arrive I'm going to need it.  And if you don't hear from me for a while, I may have been buried under a cardboard avalanche :)

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