Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter Woods: Dress Review

    The creek that runs through our farm occasionally washes up treasures like old butter churn lids and civil war coins, and in the summer time it is full of crayfish and sun perch.  For now it's rather dry except for the odd pool of  water with an icy crust.  That's Ok, all the better to walk along on this beautiful day.  
    Although I love big city life, I can't describe how wonderful it is to be home with acres and acres separating me from my nearest neighbor.  My quiet time is something I value more than money or success.  I love being able to throw my shoes and jacket on and walk to my heart's content without ever running into another soul.  
    Today the sun was hiding, but it was so warm I didn't need a jacket and of course it's always warmer at the creek with the wind blocked by the banks.  I decided to wear by new Potluck Hostess skirt that I got at one of ModCloth's amazing holiday sales (btw they've got a pretty good sale going on right now with 30% off sale items using the code BYE2016)  and this adorable sweater from LindyBop.  The flats are also new.  All that time cooped up in a hotel room and it's easy to see how I spent it.  
    As far as reviews go, this skirt is really great, but much more snug that I generally wear...anything.  I think I should have sized up from XXS to XS.  The sweater is a size Medium because small was sold out.  It's a bit loose naturally, but I still love it and I'm looking forward to wearing it with these flats and some skinny jeans.  This is my first purchase from LindyBopUSA and I have no complaints.  Everything arrived very quickly and this sweater seems very well made.  The skirt is the same great ModCloth quality I've come to love and these Bell Flats by Report held up well for my first walk in them.  
    The main thing today was the walk and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I don't know what it is about walking that always settles my soul and makes me that much gladder when I come home to hold my loved ones again, but there it is.  I'm reminded of the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and I tend to agree with her that there's no place I'd rather be than "in the fields with God," or in the woods as the case may be, and even more so when they are the fields of home.

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Potluck Hostess Skirt from ModCloth in Red
Poodle Sweater from LindyBopUSA
Report Bell Flats purchased locally

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