Friday, January 13, 2017

Meow: ootd

    Have I mentioned I'm kind of a cat lady.  Not the crazy kind, just your average garden variety cat lover.  Since I've been home, I've been able to lavish lots of love on the outdoors cat we left behind years ago.  She couldn't come with us since outside cats aren't allowed where we lived, so we left her here on the farm.  We adopted her as a kitten and named her Little Dot.
    While we were away she received such good care that we are going to have to rename her.  My suggestions are "Big" Dot or Blot since no one in their right mind could aptly call this girl little anymore.  I like her best when she is all snug and cozy, curled up in her little house like she is today, but I did manage to snap a couple of photos of her the other day when she was out hunting.  She's much nicer than she looks here and she never stops talking
    It's a rainy day indoors for me, so I won't be making the walk over to see her at her house today, but it did seem like a good time to get out my latest kitty-wear finds.  This Delia's sweater and skirt I found on the same trip to ThredUp and bought them both for less than $20.  These kitty tights seem to be in all my favorite shops and I managed to find them on Ebay (factory direct) for about $2, which is a savings about about $13.  My only suggestion would be to size up if possible.  I bought these in the only size offered but Asian sizes are smaller so even though the cat print should be on my thighs, it's on my knees and the waist band is a bit snug.  Oh well, they're still cute and I'll remember to look around for the option to size up next time.  
    Since I'm indoors again today, I've decided to rummage through all the antique out of print books to see what I can find.  This book called The CrossWays has always interested me, but I've never stopped to read it.  Sometimes I find awesome reads in the out-of-prints, and sometimes I understand why a book is no longer in circulation, so I'll let you know where this book falls on that spectrum.  Even if it's terrible, I love the beautiful cover and the 105 year old inscription inside in sepia aged ink.
Please don't meme my cat picture before I do
Shop the look:
Delia's Sweater & Old Navy Skirt both from ThredUP  <--Use this link to save $20 off your first order when you sign up

Cat Tights from Ebay  (but search around and see if you can size up!)

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