Tuesday, February 14, 2017

An Unconventional Valentine's Day + Amor Dress Review

digital books, vintage pages, and heart shaped papers from Etsy.com

    I've decided to forgo the typical Valentine's Day locations like restaurants and movie theaters in favor of the place that holds all the greatest love stories ever told: my local library.  It's one of those places that I love but rarely visit anymore.  For years I made weekly visits, but then life changed, other things got in the way, and my trips to the library tapered off.  So, today, I've decided to rekindle my romance with reading.
    My favorite books are an odd mix of the well known classics and the little books written by little nobodies that never amounted to much (to paraphrase the movie Penelope).  The 159 year old book written by two loving parents as a tribute to their daughter who passed very young, but lived well and loved much in her brief life has always been one of my favorites in my personal library.  And there is something so powerful in reading the words "Surely you must know..." from Jane Austen's Pride and Predjudice  that make me prefer it to any film adaptation.  It's all here, page after page, story after story, heart after heart.    
    Today as I wander through the aisles of love across the ages, I know that this day causes stress and sadness for as many as it causes elation, but being here, I have an enormous sense of hope for this silly, sometimes cruel world and its capacity and potential for love, fidelity, and kindness.
        Since it is the day we celebrate love, I decided to wear some red on my date with the library.  I bought this dress from AmorDress on etsy several months ago before we moved and had it shipped home.  It has been faithfully waiting for me and this seemed like the perfect day for it.   A little added red from my ModCloth cardi and heels.  It didn't feel like to much of a theme to add the strawberry locket that I made.  The earrings are also my own creation and the locket is now available in my etsy shop, BlueSunEmporium.etsy.com, in either copper or silver.  My way of sharing the love with my readers is to give you a 12% discount in my shop when you use the code blogreader at checkout.  Happy reading, happy celebrating, and much love to you all :)

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  1. This dress looks amazing on you, and I love that your pictures were taken at the library! It gives me such a lift when I'm out and about to see people dressed up just for the joy of it. I bet you made a lot of people smile!


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