Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sunshine & Moncollette

Alexander Wang once said, "Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing." 

I've been doing some outfit pics in my stay-at-home dresses, which means they may feature slightly more wrinkles than I normally allow.  I also go pretty au natural on the make-up and hair, so get ready to see lots of ponytails and fly-aways on these posts.  I'm also sporting a new quilt for my bed. It's woodland themed and it may in fact be for a child's bed, but I loved the print and the colors.  
    Speaking of things that I love, I've noticed while looking back over the years of photos that I've taken how much I love the way the sun lights up a bedroom.  A bedroom without a window, just isn't a place that I can be comfortable.  I decorated this with catching the most light possible on my mind.  The pale blue walls, the sunny yellow night stands, and the white bed frame and sheets are all meant to evoke a morning at the beach kind of feel.  In order to achieve that, I painted the walls, the bed and the nightstands myself.  I didn't do it all at once either.  Rather, I had the idea of what I wanted and began painting pieces as they came to me.  
    This bed frame was the cheapest that the furniture store had to offer and was originally gold.  I thought it would look a little more like an antique cast iron bed if we gave it a fresh paint job and I love the result.  When I start watching those home transformation shows on t.v. I can get pretty caught up in wanting a total home makeover right now.  I have to remind myself that the most beautiful homes I've ever been in are the result of years of finding, building, painting and dreaming.  They don't happen overnight.  One simply needs to have a goal and stick to it.
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