Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Prints Charming

    I'm a textbook introvert and for years I had lovely clothes that sat in my closet because, well, they were lovely.  Lovely clothes make people take notice and that scared me.  I won't say I'm over it.  I still have days where I walk out in mostly neutrals trying to hide, but there are far fewer of them now that I've fallen in love with these charming prints.

Furry Up Now Dress on ModCloth
I'm wasn't sure about the white accents.  Until I actually got the dress was thinking I would replace the buttons with dark brown and use fabric paint over the piping, (don't be afraid to change some things on a dress to make it work for you) but I actually think they work pretty well and I love the little fox print, plus it was 50% off plus I had an extra 20% off code! 

Air of Adorable dress in Balloon Print.  One of my first print purchases and still a fave.  

Day After Day Dress in Truly Yours  one of my most recent purchases from ModCloth and such a classic look.  I bought it during the holiday 50% off sale so it was kind of an impulse buy and really started to second guess myself while waiting for it to arrive.  As soon as I opened it all those fears evaporated.  It's a wonderful fit and the print is lovely.

 Emily and Fin Country Homeward dress.  Sold Out on ModCloth, but a great Ebay find.  I've had it for almost a year before finally finding the right heels and cardi to go with it.


Oui Are the World from ModCloth  was supposed to debut in August and I waited patiently all through August and September.  It finally was in stock about two days into October when my 20% off coupon from ModCloth had already expired.  No matter, it's still a unique dress that looks great casual or a little dressy.

Is there a trick to wearing prints?  Personally I usually go for small prints and pair them with several coordinating colors of accessories instead of all accessories being just one color.  Don't shy away from colors or even mixing prints.  It is tricky but as long as everything is in the same color palette it will work.

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