Friday, March 25, 2016

Larmoni Bulldog Dress Review

    Afirst time purchase from a shop called Larmoni.  I've been browsing this shop for about eight months.  I like their style and their prices, but have held off on making a purchase.  The reason for my hesitance was that their dresses seemed like they would be wrong for my height and shape.  
    When I saw a dress from their shop for sale on Ebay with the listing describing it as extremely short and high waisted, my suspicions felt confirmed.  I have a long waist and a small chest.  Short waisted dresses hide my shape.  They make me look childish and heavier than I am.  I'm also 5'6" (and, hello, I'm someone's mother), so I need enough length to cover my backside and retain my dignity.  
    After so many cute styles selling out, curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to try just one dress to see how it fit.  It was tough to decide where to start, but the bulldog dress stole my heart more than the others, so I settled on that one.  
    The measurements were a little confusing.  I wear an extra small, but according to their numbers I couldn't figure out if I needed a small or a medium.  I contacted customer service and provided my height, weight, and measurements.  Although their reply was prompt, it wasn't terribly helpful.  They advised me that either size would work fine.  I chose a medium since it had some extra length.  The order shipped quickly, but no tracking number was provided and it took a little over three weeks for it to arrive.
    As expected, I'm going to have to take the dress in about two inches on the bodice...guess I should have listened to my gut and ordered a small...but then I would have lost an inch in length.......hmmm.  As far as the length goes, this is more of a skater style dress, so the skirt is quite a bit shorter than I normally like to wear, but still cute.  It will be great for summer, but maybe a bit too short for these breezy spring days.
    The quality of the dress is pretty decent, especially for the price.  It's a light weight cotton and the skirt is lined.  I'm happy with the dress and I'm already trying to decided which dress I'll get next.  Larmoni offers a discount on your first purchase of 15% off, and I wish I had bought two dresses while I had that discount.  My only caution on shopping with this company would be to closely compare your measurements with theirs before buying.
    I always do my photos in natural lighting provided by a large window in my room, which is why I'm almost always facing the same direction in my photos (towards the sunlight).  But, since the weather decided to cooperate today I ventured out for a few photos under the trees just so that you can see the dress in outdoor lighting.  More outfits with this dress and from Larmoni are on the way!

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  1. Ah! All the coincidences today! I bought a few dresses from Larmoni not that long ago and I actually really love them. The prints are so much fun! Plus, the prices are really decent, even if it takes a while to arrive. If I recall correctly, I got a discount code from them for posting about them online, so you might be able to use that for another purchase! I was worried they'd be a little short when I first purchased as well, but I find as long as you style them modestly, it's not an issue. I buy the XS and they fit me perfectly; my measurements are 24-32-34 and I'm 5'4", if that helps at all. I've got a few pictures on my instagram wearing their stuff if you want to see how that fit looks on an actual person too haha (sugarsweetswing). Anyway, lovely to see such a cute, fun outfit!


  2. Wow, Jasmine, I absolutely love your photos! You are my new style crush!


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