Sunday, April 17, 2016

One More Cat Post: ootd

    It started like any other Saturday...except that the little wild cat was making waaaay more noise than usual in an attempt to get her breakfast.  Before long I realized that her kittens were on the way and for some reason she wanted me to be a part of it.  So, I followed her to her little nest and sat and waited until she was settled in.  
    Normally if anyone takes one step out the door to get near her, she darts away.  But on this day if I lagged behind while climbing over hedges and looking for ways around people's yards, she calmly sat and waited for me to catch up.  After an hour or so, I decided to go home and let my little family know where I had disappeared to so early.  
    They were all ecstatic, but I made them promise to leave her alone for awhile.  In the afternoon I went back to check on her and counted two little orange and white kittens all snuggled up with her.  She looked up at me, gave a little meow, then closed her eyes and went back to sleep.  In the evening she came back to the house to be fed and praised for all her hard work that day.  I'll probably never manage to get pictures of these little ones, but when they're old enough for her to bring them around, I'll do my best to snap a few photos to share.
    This all coincided nicely with the arrival of this kitty blouse.  I saw this top at an upscale shop for about $60, but with a little digging, I found it at few other places for less than $20 and I am so excited to share it with you.  The main thing you have to pay attention to when you order directly from China is the sizing charts.  I normally wear an XS, but in Asian sizing it typically changes to Medium and that is what I ordered with this top.  I could probably have gone with a small, but I'd rather have a top be a little too big than too small. 

Shop the Look:
I bought this Cat Blouse from This Seller for $11.88 + 2.99 sh
but here are a few others
For $7+6.99 sh
For $14.99+ Free sh
For $16.40 + Free sh
Charter School Cardigan in Rust is from ModCloth
Skirt is by Ann Taylor from ThredUp  Use this link to save $20 off your 1st purchase



  1. Very exciting! Weren't you just wishing for the farm life (including kittens!) for your girls? Love your bangs!

  2. I was and all this has us dreaming of it even more :)


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