Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Peaches and Clover: ootd

Necklace, Heart Clover Print, and Clover Field Print on Etsy
    I don't like clover.  There, I said it...because it's not St. Patrick's Day and because no Irish people happen to be standing next to me.  I don't have anything against this holiday, it's just not my cup of tea (or mug of beer).  To be fair, I also don't wear dragons on St. George's Day or a tartan on St. Columba's Day.  It's nothing personal; it's just not something I do.  Maybe the reason I don't like to wear clover is because the only time I see them is on that one day in March.  
    I must admit that when I was browsing The Other Sparrows, this dress wasn't my first (or even second) choice.  The dress I ordered was over sold, so it was either cancel that part of the order and lose my shipping discount or pick something else.  Soooo....I picked this dress and decided to try to move past my aversion.  
    On Labor Day we had a barbecue to attend, and since that sounded like the furthest thing from St. Patty's I decided to go ahead and wear my new emerald sundress.  Of course the first thing my oldest said when I stepped out of my room was, "Uh, Mom, it's not St. Patrick's Day."  She received a stern look and a fist shaken in her direction.  Her little snicker that followed told me she knew what she was doing, but I was undeterred.  
    No one else mentioned anything about this print being unseasonable, and since it was a very hot day, I'm glad I wore this little sundress.  I don't think it really needs a review.  It's the same cut and quality as all the other sundresses I've purchased from The Other Sparrows, and that's a good thing.  I like the color and I plan to wear it all winter with tights and cardis...right up until March that is. 

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Lucky Clover Dress from The Other Sparrows
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Bee Earrings from PeachTreeLane.etsy.com

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