Monday, November 20, 2017

Love Letters Dress

     I fell in love with Retrolicious' Love Letters Dress a.k.a ModCloth's The Sooner The Letters Dress, but I knew that the style wouldn't look quite right on my frame, so I decided to buy the fabric and make my own version of the dress.  That was in November of last year and sadly the fabric has sat in the box untouched until last month.  I suddenly dug into a rich vein of inspirado and got to work making this dress and since there was enough fabric left over, I also made a skirt.  Now that I'm in the swing, I've already started on another dress with some adorable cat print fabric.  This dress went so smoothly (or sew it seamed---so many sewing puns to make here!).  I used Vogue Pattern V8789, style B.  If you're a reagular reader of my blog you may remember that this is the first pattern I ever used when I began sewing in April of 2016.  For that project I used style A.  
    Well, since I'd already made this dress and it fit just fine, it didn't occur to me that I might need to try this one before I finished it.  So, after only two days of work the dress was done!  Oh, my, Goodness!  I thought I was really getting good at sewing....until I tried it on.  The boat neck  was literally on my neck, about half way up it in the front and back and so tight that there was no way I could fit the clasp closure on at the sides.  In the end, I rolled down the neckline three times and sewed it each time, then rolled down the neckline in the back and sewed it.  And, instead of clasp closures, I went with lace straps and wooden buttons.  I think it gives the dress a more interesting, rustic look and I;m very happy with it, but it was a hard row to sew (hee, hee, I made another pun).  Each time I sew, I learn something new and it becomes less difficult and more intuitive.  As I mentioned I'm currently working on a Cat Dress and I have two more dresses planned after that....and then I may take a break for another year :D

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Tim Holtz Electic Elements Letters Fabric
Love Letters Dress from Retrolicious $99.99
Charter School Cardigan and Qupid Heels from ModCloth

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Stop Staring!

I adore Stop Staring! and I wish I could own more of their glorious vintage remakes, but alas I have only one.  The good news is that it's one of the most stunning dresses they make.  It's the Raileen dress in Navy and ivory and it fits like a glove.  Typically this dress costs around $170, but with some careful searching, I managed to find mine for only $60 on Poshmark and it was new with tags.  So, there is hope for the avid dress hunter on a budget out there, it just takes persistence.  By the way, a few years ago I found this great little shop that had wool berets on sale for $3 each.  I bought several and haven't worn them much because I always had trouble fitting them over my hairstyle, but now that I've got this short style, they work perfectly to complete whatever look I've got going on, so get ready to see them a really, a least until the weather warms up ;D
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Stop Staring! Raileen Dress from Unique-Vintage
Pretty Polly Tights in Key print
Red V Heels

Hot Pick!

I just spotted this gorgeous Visionary Check Double Breasted Wool Blend trench coat at ChicWish

Visionary Checked Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat at ChicWish for $97.43

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Riverside View

A little wind, and a lot of chill, but what else can you expect in November? :D
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Skirt, coat, sandals, and necklace from ModCloth

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I've Found the Perfect Gift....

For the young and whimsical people in my life (including me), so I'm seriously contemplating getting a subscription to YumeTwins  Each month a box full of goodies will arrive at my door.  For $35 per month something new, fun, and totally kawaii will show up ready to brighten your day and the best part is if you use my link to sign up, you get $5 off your first box.  And!  I promise that if I do decided to subscribe, I'll make some awesome unboxing videos to share here and on youtube.


5 Tips for Creating Your Wall Collage

I've moved a lot over the course of my 36 years.  Each time I/we settle into a new place it isn't until the rugs are on the floor and the photos are on the walls that we make that shift from calling it "the house" to "our home."  Needless to say after roughly 20 changes of address in the last 20 years, I'be become something of an expert at hanging said pictures, so I thought I'd devote today's post to a few tips and tricks for creating your own wall collages.

1.  Pick a color.
I choose one color frame per room.  For my living room, I usually go with white frames because I like that room to feel sunny and light.  Too many different colors for frames can make the room feel busy and cluttered.

2.  Choose a color palette.
Remember that your wall is a composition and if you have a frame that holds multiple pics you have a composition within a composition.  Try to choose photos and art pieces that all have similar colors to create a unified look.

3.  Choose a Focal Piece.
I usually begin with the largest piece I own and put it right in the center.  Then I add in my medium size pieces and use the small pieces for edges and fillers.

4.  Be Deliberately Crooked.
Trying to keep all the frames perfectly lined up will drive you bonkers, particularly if you're working alone.  You may spend hours hanging a pic, stepping back, checking to make sure it's level with another and then someone will come in at the end of the day and say, "Did you know that one's not level?"  Avoid hurting your loved ones, by creating a deliberate chaos.  Things don't need to line up perfectly to look perfectly balanced.  And, remember you can always use paper shapes to do a mock up on the floor or with sticky tack before you start hammering nails into the wall.

5.  Keep it Balanced, Not Boring.
For my collages, I always try to keep each side of the focal piece balanced both in frame shape and photo content.  For example in my collage you'll notice I have one large oval on its side at the top left which is diagonal from an upright oval and the bottom right.  Two identical rectangle frames are directly diagonal from each other on the opposite side.  If my collage pieces were perfectly mirrored from each other, it would definitely be balanced but boring.  Mixing up the shapes and positioning brings visual interest to the whole.

Happy Decorating!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Lively Vibe

A bold print and a beautiful day--that's all I'm asking.

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Limited Top and Red V heels from ThredUpUse my link to sign up and save $10 off your first order.
Lively Vibe Skirt from ModCloth

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Cosmo Kind of Day

I haven't been home for the colors of the autumn hills for nearly a decade.  This year on my very own little farm way up on the top of one of these hills, the trees have really brought out their best.  I rushed out today to snap a few pics in this beautiful Megan Dress in Cosmo print from KarinaDresses
It's part of their new holiday collection and I am so excited to wear it, especially on this gorgeous day.  I know we go on and on about the Little Black Dress being a wardrobe staple, but I think everyone should have a Little Red Dress especially for Holiday time and this one is ever so flattering.  If you haven't checked out KarinaDresses yet, you've got to stop by!

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Megan Dress- Cosmo- $108 from:
Qupid Heels from ModCloth

Artist Spotlight: Blake Night

The season of masks has come and gone, but I was so struck by the work of artist Blake Night that I had to share his stunning handmade resin masks in this week's artist spotlight.

Find his work at  and at

Saturday, November 11, 2017

In Love with AmorDress

Last year I did a post featuring one of my favorite Etsy dress shops, AmorDress, and in February of this year, I finally made my first purchase.  I loved my strawberry print dress; it was the perfect way to warm up Valentine's Day, but as soon as I saw this dress maker's print dress, I knew I had to have it!  I ordered it in a size small, which is one size up from my usual, but it fits like a dream and I absolutely adore it.  And all this quality and loveliness for only $50 which is about half what most dress boutiques charge.  I've already got another dress on the way, this one has a vintage hot air balloon print and you know I can never resist hot air balloons.  I hope to post those pics in the next few weeks, but in the mean time, there are so many lovely prints at this shop, I'm still window shopping and dreaming.

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Find more lovely dresses at