Monday, January 16, 2017

Plaid Trudy Swing Dress Review

    This was a little belated Christmas gift from Unique Vintage.  I suggested this dress to a friend and she repaid the favor by buying me one too :D  This dress is absolutely stunning and such a classic, well made piece that it's a must have for holiday get togethers.  However, one thing I have to mention is this: although I ordered my normal size XS (which is usually a bit loose) and my friend ordered her normal size 1X  I could barely squeeze into this dress and my poor friend couldn't squeeze into it at all.  
    The waist and sleeves are sooo tight I needed help putting it on and I can't imagine how it will fit next year when my weight is back up.  My friend decided to return hers.  I popped a couple of seams at the waist putting mine on, so I deiced to keep it and maybe invest in some waist slimming hosiery if next Christmas finds me too plump to pull up the zipper.  
    So, my recommendation for this dress is size up at least one and maybe two sizes if you don't own a  corset and/or enjoy breathing.  Other than that, buy with confidence because it's a stunning dress as far as color, cut and quality.  Another reason to shop with Unique Vintage takes care of their customers, so talk to them about sizing and their return policy.  I've always had very helpful and friendly customer service there which is one of the main reasons I love them.
    I've had lots of fun hitting the flea markets and antique stores since we've been home and I've found a number of old pieces of luggage like this burgundy vanity case that I felt like I just couldn't live without.  It did a great job of toting and protecting my beloved camera on this trek into the woods.  These vintage costume earrings once belonged to my great-grandmother who was the classiest and feistiest lady I've ever met.  
    I could do an entire post just about her life things like how in the 1920s she hopped on a motorcycle with a man she'd just met and went out to California where she dyed her hair blonde and got a job as a waitress in a restaurant where Laurel and Hardy were frequent visitors. She would always remark that Hardy was the best tipper.  But, those stories are for another day and another post.

Shop the Look:

1950s Style Red Plaid Three Quarter Sleeve Trudy Swing Dress
With Haute a Doubt Heels from ModCloth
Vintage earrings and suitcase

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