Friday, July 7, 2017

Two Great Reeds

    Once again a post about two things that came out at the same time in different colors.  One of those dresses is impossibly hard to find and extremely expensive if one does happen to find it.  The other is treated with a ho-hum attitude.  Usually not as difficult to find, and for much less.  
    I've been looking for the red version of this dress for ages and haven't managed to find it for less than $100.  The blue version tends to run about $70, which is still too high for me on a dress that's been out for three years. If Taylor Swift or Zooey Deschanel, or even someone from Once Upon a Time had worn it, I'd say OK, because for whatever reason cotton turns to gold when one of those fabulous people wear it.  But, not this dress, not to my knowledge.  So, I gave up.  
    Then one day like a bolt of lightning from heaven, not one, but both, BOTH, of these gorgeous dresses pop up in my size (or close enough) for about $40 a piece.  That's $13 more per dress than I typically pay for Anthropologie pieces on ThredUp, but they were worth it and I knew it.
    This time around, I've decided to feature the wallflower dress first, though I think they're both pretty.  I adore shirt dresses for around the house and casual days at the office.  This dress does it with so much style!  Even though it's a size 4 and I typically wear a 0, the waist fits perfectly.  Only the chest is a little too big, and with a few darts in the back, it should be a perfect fit in no time.
    Joining me on my walk in the woods today was my beautiful youngest daughter who also palyed photographer but refused to be in the photos as she was still sleepy-eyed, still in her nightgown and donning her pink work boots.  Also in our walking party was this little tom cat named Cuckoo Clock.  The girls thought it would be just a unique name, but it has turned out to suit him perfectly because he's completely nuts, a real Gonzo of a cat and I love that about him :)
Shop the Look:
Reed Dress By Moulinette Soeurs from ThredUp.  Use my link to sign up and save $10 off your first order.
Charter School Cardigan in Sage from ModCloth

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