Sunday, May 27, 2018

Good Memories, Happy Moments

    Two pieces of childhood reminiscence for this post.  First, did you ever read anything by Eloise Wilkins when you were a kid?  I'll bet you did and if you're like me you adored her illustrations.  As a child I probably noticed the children more, but as an adult and a mother I loved her drawings of women.  They look so stylish even doing housework, and they're all usually wearing the same skirt, button down blouse and sensible flats combo.  I wouldn't mind making that my housework uniform, but I like it even more at the office.  I love how put together and classy it is even though it's comfortable and didn't take much thought at all.  I bought this skirt as part of a Sweet Breeze two-piece set from ChicWish last summer (it's still in stock by the way).  I can't believe I haven't thought of wearing it this way before!   This outfit's for you Ms. Wilkins.  Thanks for the inspiration and for the hours spent cuddled up with my babies reading your books.  
    The second bit of revelry comes from a stop at my local grocery store where I saw Clearly Canadian!  I nearly jumped for joy in the store and did a little happy dance once I was out of the store.  When I was 10 years old  I discovered Clearly Canadian and it was my go to drink.  I got all my friends hooked and we each bought a flavor to bring to sleepovers that endless summer.  When they discontinued it, I tried a few of the knock-offs that flooded the market, but they weren't the same.  And as a final parting gift, my mother bought me two cases of CC which I hid under my bed, shared with no one and managed to make last for two years.    
    Things I love about CC:  It comes in glass bottles, not plastic.  It has real sugar not aspartame or any of that other junk like the knock offs, and it was the first brand that I'd ever seen to have flavors like raspberry, blackberry, and peach instead of the standard flavors of cherry, grape, and strawberry.  I took my CC to a quiet place to enjoy the first drink alone and after a long, swishy, savored sip, I capped it and saved the rest to share with my girls who've heard the stories about that slumber party summer and this special drink a hundred times or more.  Who knows, maybe this will be our Girl-time Summer with make overs, musicals, cookie dough, and Clearly Canadian will become our thing too.
Shopping Info:
Sweet Breeze Top and Skirt Set from ChicWish
Blouse by L3eno on
My Stroll Mate Flats by Rocket Dog from ModCloth

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