Friday, October 23, 2015

Travel: The Many Faces of Fuji

    Our gypsy lifestyle isn't always easy.  In fact it can be quite lonely.  Our loved ones are always asking us to come "home" for a visit, but we are rarely able to due to the cost of travel.  For a while we tried to make a visit home at least every other year, but right now we're so far away that plane tickets alone would cost the same as a nice used car.  And since we'll be needing a nice used car or two when we do get back on native soil it seems crucial that we save as much money as we can. 
Early Dawn
    No matter where we move there are always folks who say they'll come to visit.  We always respond that they are welcome, but we've come to extend that welcome with the knowledge that few if any ever will come and it's usually around the time that they see how expensive it is to go anywhere that "things" suddenly come up to prevent them from making the trip.  But, some adventurous relatives or ours did make it over the big blue ocean to spend a couple of weeks with us and it was so wonderful.  We couldn't have asked or hoped for a better time.  
Middle Dawn with the Clouds Drifting in
    It's good for the soul to see the world, but it is even better for the heart and soul to be with those who know us so well and love us unconditionally.  That has been the one thing missing in our travels  and this time with family was at once restful and energizing.  During their time here we were able to show them a few of our favorite places as well as visit new places with them.  
Late Dawn
    The crown jewel of the trip was our stay at an onsen at the foot of Mt. Fuji.  There really is nothing to compare to throwing open the curtains and seeing the sun rise over this most majestic mountain. We were told before we came to Japan that we'd inevitably take a million pictures of Fuji, and that's what I was counting on.  But fate or rather the weather had other plans.  Of our three trips to the mountain, this has been the only one in which it hasn't been completely covered in clouds.  So, I decided to get all one million photos right then, just in case we never get another clear view.  I won't post all of them here, just a few of my favorites as the sun set and then rose and then as we climbed a little way up the side.

Making Our Way Up the Mountainside
     If there is one thing I've learned from all my years on the road it is that the most memorable and special time are those that are shared.  What a blessing to be able to share this view with so many people that I love.

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