Monday, March 18, 2019

Weekend Brunch

    About a month ago I wrote a post on How to Wear Leggings.  It's my second post in the last four years about leggings and the right and wrong ways to wear them.  Only three posts total in the last four years, so it's not something I talk about constantly, but I did want to touch base on one more thing about leggings which is the color.  You know that I loathe those horrible LulaRoe leggings with their ridiculous tacky prints and the equally horrible way they get worn, so let's not poke at that poorly dressed bear anymore.  I'd rather talk about great pieces that do what clothes should do, which is make you feel great about your body.
    My last post featured some faux leather leggings from FemmeLuxe.  Just to quickly reiterate, I love the faux leather look over basic cotton or denim because they look more upscale and put together than regular cotton.  The pair from my last post was a Wine-or burgundy color.  Burgundy is a dark color and is a sort of pseudo neutral in that it goes with so many other colors you really can't go wrong with a burgundy piece of clothing as far as versatility goes.  Burgundy is also a dark color and there is a commonly held belief that dark colors, particularly black, have a slimming effect.  While this may be true to an extent, that doesn't mean you have to avoid colors just because you have problem areas.
    On the contrary, it's better to have a great and colorful outfit that fits you well and highlights your best attributes than a black dress or pants that fit you horribly.  To illustrate that I'm wearing the exact same Catriona Faux Leather Leggings from my previous post, but these are in a khaki shade.  Once again, I've chosen a flowy tunic top, but this one has a great map print and some color to it.  This top also isn't quite as long as the tunic in my last post and to be quite honest my thighs have always been my biggest trouble spot and I get a little apprehensive when they're not covered, but I've found a really great work around.
    Heels, heels, heels!  High heel shoes have this ingenious way of your bum look lifted and your chest more pronounced, so adding them to this outfit really helped to balance out my shape and when I walked by the glass in these store fronts, I actually did a double take and said, "Dang, my butt looks amazing in these leggings!"  I've never said my butt looks amazing at any time in my entire life.  And yet, here I am on this ordinary day, not only thinking it, but feeling it so strongly I said it out loud.  I don't just heart these chic leggings, I heart my body in them and that's a pretty big deal.
      Another thing to love about this look is that it is both chic and casual and it's why I've titled this post Weekend Brunch.  I've been going on and on about casual-chic lately, but only because I do feel it's important to have something that you can throw on, feel confident, and look amazing while still feeling relaxed and go basically anywhere in.  I know we don't associate high heels with casual but in this case, these particular heels are very comfortable.  I walked around downtown in them without sore feet or trouble keeping up with the crowd.  If you can't imagine yourself in heels like this, try a nice wedge heel sandal instead.
    Like my previous outfit, I've added a bomber jacket on top.  I like the crop cut because it doesn't swallow up the outfit and a crop jacket that fits well can actually make your body look a little longer.  This jacket, unlike the other is in blush instead of black, because yes, I'm still proving a point about colors being fun and cut being more important than color for a slimming and/or lengthening effect, but in my next outfit with these leggings, I'd love to try a long sweater jacket or a knit poncho.  I think that would create a lovely look.  Is there a leggings outfit combo you'd like to see?  Leave me a comment below and I'll see what I can do!

Shopping Info:Khaki Faux Leather Look Leggings - Catriona-from: FemmeLuxeModCloth Necklace and Creative Contribution Sleeveless Top in Maps, jacket from ThredUp.  Use my link to sign up and save $10 off your first order.

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