Sunday, June 2, 2019

Blurring the Lines

Six weeks ago I was driving home when I saw a grove of wild cherry trees in full bloom.  I couldn't help myself, they were so pretty that I pulled over, got out of the car and walked through the field to get a closer look.  They were indeed lovely and I spent some time walking around them and admiring the colors.  I got back in the car and drove home.  That night I saw a large red patch on my foot...and it was itchy.  Hmmm...probably poison ivy, I thought.  I doused it with rubbing alcohol and went to bed.  
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Over the next two weeks, and in spite of the different remedies I tried, it continued to spread all the way up my leg, then across to the other leg, then to my arm and neck.  It was awful.  I scratched all the time, even in my sleep and nothing seemed to help.  At times my legs were covered in bruises from all the scratching as well as blotchy redness.  Finally I tried an essential oil blend with lavender  and for the first time the itching was relieved a little and the redness started to go away.  
After six weeks, the itching is finally gone, but the redness remains.  It's not as bad, but my legs are so pale that it's hard to hide it.  I've tried to wear a lot of long skirts but being able to Photoshop out some of it has been really nice.   
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Touching up photos has been villainized in recent years, and I definitely agree that altering photos has been taken to the extreme in unreasonable beauty standards, but there are times when being able to get rid of a blemish, scar, or in this case huge itchy red spots has been a gift.  And sometimes, when I've put so much work into planning a little photo session and at the end of it, it turns out that the lighting makes me looks like Beetlejuice on a bad day, it's nice to be able to lighten up the under-eye circles or smooth the harsh lines.
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Today, you'll be happy to read, I am nearly healed up and much more cautious when snapping outfit pics.  For example, I chose not to lean against this tree because it has some old poison ivy vines creeping up the side mixed in with the harmless ivy.  But, I'll probably keep photoshop around just in case I do get into another scrape.
*Update*  Before I could publish this post I stumbled into poison ivy again, so it's back to the essential oils and being thankful for photoshop!

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