Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hello, Sunshine! ootd

    Yesterday the sun was out for the first time in two weeks, and the kids managed to finish all their work by noon.  It was the perfect opportunity to go out to...anywhere.  So, that's what we did.  We bundled up (even with the sun out, it's still pretty chilly) and hopped a train to our favorite shopping spot.  I haven't been to my local thrift store in a month at least and I had very particular things I was looking for.  I didn't find any of them, but I did find this great forest green skirt and scarf for $3.50 each.  

    Next we went to the mall and caught their end of winter sale and this cute beret was only $2.25. I knew this would all go perfectly with my yellow coat from ModCloth's sale, and this black lace top from ThredUp .  I am totally pleased with the result; this outfit is a really great illustration of how you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.  Just to prove that you can get a complete outfit for less than $100, I want to do a quick price run down on everything, head to toe.

Hat  $2.25 + Scarf  $3.50 + Top $6.00 + Skirt $3.50 + Tights $3.99 + Heels $44.99 + Coat $23.99 
= $88.22!

      If only I'd waited until these heels went on clearance for $13.99 it would have taken my total cost down to $57.22, but alas that's just part of it.  Even staunch and experienced bargain hunters such as myself must admit you can't thrift shop everything.  Sometimes I take the risk and pay full priceBut,  given that most of the things that I buy are heavily discounted, I think that's OK, because it all evens out in the end.

Shop the look:
Beret purchased locally, but I like the looks of this one on Ebay for only $2.28
Top is from ThredUp (use this link to sign up and save $20 off your first order
Skirt & scarf are from a local thrift shop
Tights, Heels and Coat are from ModCloth
Earrings are handmade

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