Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lace: The Timeless Classic

    I've always loved antique lace dresses.  I remember so many lazy Sunday afternoons spent wandering flea markets and pining for for something akin to glorious gowns to one day be in my closet.  I was afraid to buy those fragile gowns because I knew I couldn't resist wearing them and would inevitably destroy them in the process.  So, I just kept hoping that some brilliant designer out there would one day bring these antique gowns into the present style.  I waited.  And waited.
    Then I saw it.  The most perfect, most gorgeous, most absolutely straight out of my vintage dreams dress.  But, my thrifty nature held me back for a while.  I am an avid bargain hunter.  I don't like spending money if I don't have to, so I waited and watched until this dress came along at just the right price.  The right price in this case was more than I usually spend, but every now and then something comes along that absolutely steals my heart.  In such cases, rare though they are, I try to figure out if the cost per wear makes it worth it.
    A versatile piece that's well made will get years of wear so I can justify spending a little more.  This lace dress by Anthropologie was one of those rare cases.  While I still got a pretty good deal on this dress, I wasn't exactly sure it would get much wear.  Funny how being determined to wear something can create opportunities and outfits. Not only that, but this is really the sort of thing I could see myself passing on to one of my daughters one day; it's just that lovely.  So, yes, it was absolutely worth every penny. 

Shop the Look:
Dress Anthropologie
Belt, tights, and heels are from ModCloth
Cardigan is old


  1. I wouldn't have picked out this dress from the catalog photo you featured, but it truly does look lovely on you. Here's to many wearings!

  2. Oh my, that dress is beautiful!! You'll be wearing it for decades!

  3. You're a woman after my own heart, there's nothing more pleasing than attaining something you really covet, at a bargain price! You look as lovely as ever.


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