Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Simple Sundress: ootd

    It is absolutely beautiful outside today, sundress weather for sure.  I've never understood why so many women are against dresses.  Last summer a good friend and I sat at the park while the kids were playing.  She turned to me with sweat rolling down her face and said that she loved my dresses but she "could never wear anything like that, because I'm all about easy and comfortable."  My response was "there's nothing easier than a sundress."  After all,  it's the top and bottoms put together in one piece so there are less decisions to make about matching, etc.  It goes on in one motion and some of them don't even require a zipper.  They just slip on over your head and you're ready.  That's about as easy as it gets.  And, I've found that most especially during hot, humid summer days there's nothing more comfortable than a breezy sundress. 
    If, on the other hand, the breeze is the part you're worried about, I don't see any harm in some cotton capri pants.  In fact they are a staple of my spring wardrobe when the days are warm but the winds can pick up out of no where.  This dress is a great example.  It's a little short and a little sheer.  I'll most likely have to wear it with some leggings underneath, but it's so light that even with that small addition, I'll still be more comfortable than I would be in a pair of clumsy denim or heavy cotton twill shorts. 
    When my friend saw that she wouldn't win the argument against dresses with the comfort and ease angle she said, "I guess I'm just not a girly-girl.  I wouldn't look good in a dress."  My reply to her and to every woman who has felt that way is this, "You're a woman and that means you absolutely will look good in a dress.  And forget being a girly-girl.  It's not a ball gown; it's cotton!"  She was quiet for a moment; the gears were turning and I think it clicked.  She was called home within a few weeks of this conversation (literally, she got a call saying come home) and she's not the kind of person who posts anything on social media, so I have no idea if she ever followed through on trying a dress, but I truly hope she did.  And, f you've ever felt like her then I hope you'll give it a try too. 

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