Monday, January 30, 2017

Vintage Love: ootd

     Being home means that I'm finally able to bring all the vintage dresses from my collection out of storage!  I've missed all my vintage pieces and I've spent a couple of weeks going through them, hand washing and ironing them so I can start wearing them again.  I thought I'd start with this little lovely.  It belonged to my grandmother, is handmade, and in need of a lot of repair even though I can see it's been repaired by hand before.  I love the bright colors and all the collar and pocket flaps, but it's a little bit to big for my current frame.  No plans to alter it though; I think I'll grow into it instead ;D
    This morning my walk was more about business than anything else.  We spent several hours yesterday cleaning the brush, thorn trees, and trash out of our old greenhouse.  We're getting ready to strip it and rebuild it.  I wasn't quite ready to cut this sapling behind me, and I know the weeds are a nuisance, but when they have little dried flowers on them like these do I'm reluctant to rip them out. It will have to be done eventually though and it's all pretty exciting stuff.  I'm so ready to start some seedlings for spring veggies and flowers.  Once this little project is done, we'll start work on a chicken house so we can get some hens for fresh eggs.  If I haven't said it before (and I know I have) it is So Good to Be Home! 

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Vintage dress
Heels & Coat from ModCloth

Friday, January 27, 2017

Chin Up, Little Pup: ootd

Beagle art print, Beagle Necklace, and Beagle cake topper available at
    I'm kind of a sucker for animal prints, but rather than the more traditional zebra and leopard styles, I usually go for foxes, cats, and dogs.  If I had to claim one or the other, I'd say I have more cat prints than anything, but today is for the dogs.  In addition to my love of puppy prints, I also love a bargain, which is why I'm always browsing ThredUp for great deals on the brands that I love but usually can't afford like Anthropologie and J. Crew.  In fact although I own dozens of items from those brands, I've never been able to buy them straight from their respective stores.  
    I used to just press against the windows and drool over the latest stock hoping that a sale would come along that would magically make them affordable, but it never did.  Thanks to great resale sites like ThredUp, Poshmark, and Ebay I'm able to buy my favorite brands without breaking the bank.
     While browsing ThredUp a few weeks ago and I came across this unbelievably adorable baby blue corduroy skirt with beagles embroidered on it by J. Crew.  I knew I had to have it.  Originally priced at $98, I brought it home for $22.99!  I love ThredUp and I'd like to share the love.  Use this link ( ) to shop ThredUp's J. Crew selection  and save a whopping 50% off your first time order of J Crew items when you use the code JCREW50 at checkout.  How awesome is that?!  It's good for a discount of up to $50 off (J Crew items only), so happy hunting, my friends :D  And feel free to send me outfit pics of your J Crew styles so I can use them in future posts.

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J Crew Skirt and Trina Turk Top from ThredUp
Come Ballet With Me Flats and Charter School Cardigan in Rust from ModCloth
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Necklace is from my Etsy Shop
Biscuit purse from Ebay

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Love, Love , Love?: Dress Review

    If you remember my post about this heart dress, you'll know I was so excited to track it down.  (If you don't remember, you can read about it here)  What you may not know is that it got hung up in the system somewhere and took 6 weeks to arrive.  When I contacted the company during the delay, they tracked the package, assured me it would arrive soon and refunded me a couple of dollars for the inconvenience. 
    The dress did indeed arrive and it is adorable, but I don't love it.  It's probably the shortest dress that I currently own and the waist, even for a high-waisted dress is hard to work with.  The print is cute, I love the deep red colors, and the fabric seems to be a decent quality of knit, but another inch or two would have made a world of difference.  If you're a petite woman 5'4" or under, this is the perfect dress for you.  As for me, it feels more like an awkward peplum tunic than a dress.  So, I'll probably keep looking for that perfect V-day dress and maybe hold onto this one for the day that one of my daughters is old enough to wear it.
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Heart dress available here on AliExpress
Tights from Wal-mart
Betsey Johnson Camera Purse from

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ace of Smarts Dress Review

    I've been talking about this dress for months, waiting for just the right occasion to wear it and when the day finally came that I had been waiting for and planning on plans changed.  That's ok, because this dress not only fits well and has this great print, it's also pretty comfy.  So, even though I'll be staying in instead of stepping out, I'm still doing it in style.  This dress was made by Frock Shop and is still available at ModCloth for only $35.99.  It's unlined and made of lightweight cotton, so a great piece if you're already in the market for spring/summer wear.  It comes with a matching cotton belt and had pockets at the sides.  I added the bow at the neck for a little visual interest.  Normally if XXS is an option, that's what I buy, but for this dress I went with XS instead and am glad I did, it's the perfect fit. 
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Ace of Smarts Dress from ModCloth

Burgundy Heels by Qupid purchased from ModCloth

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unboxing Romwe

    Yesterday I was out for an evening walk in the fields, I love this time of day especially at this time of year.  The bitter cold takes a rest every now and then and we get one warm day to give us hope to get through the winter.  On those days I take a cue from my animal friends here who wander out to lay in the sun all day and soak up that warmth.  I may not lay around outside, but I do spend the day wandering, getting little chores done here and there and enjoying the sunshine.  As evening sets in I have to add a few layers like tights and a cardi, but I'm always determined to stay out as long as possible.  
    This top was from my first order with Romwe.  I had a tough time deciding which things were my favorites since my budget wouldn't allow to get get everything I wanted, but when does it ever.  In the end, I purchased a mer-kitty skirt and cobalt top along with this embroidered blouse.  It's cute and unique, I like the flowy fabric and the print.  It has a very loose boho fit.  Everything arrived within 2-3 weeks and was as ordered and expected, so no complaints there.  The other items I ordered are more for work than walking in the fields, but I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Don't worry, he's happier than he looks.  He's just camera shy :)
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Embroidered Top from Romwe
Charter School Cardi from ModCloth
Skirt from ThredUp  <--Use this link to sign up and save $20 off your first order
Tights and camera purse are old

Monday, January 16, 2017

Plaid Trudy Swing Dress Review

    This was a little belated Christmas gift from Unique Vintage.  I suggested this dress to a friend and she repaid the favor by buying me one too :D  This dress is absolutely stunning and such a classic, well made piece that it's a must have for holiday get togethers.  However, one thing I have to mention is this: although I ordered my normal size XS (which is usually a bit loose) and my friend ordered her normal size 1X  I could barely squeeze into this dress and my poor friend couldn't squeeze into it at all.  
    The waist and sleeves are sooo tight I needed help putting it on and I can't imagine how it will fit next year when my weight is back up.  My friend decided to return hers.  I popped a couple of seams at the waist putting mine on, so I deiced to keep it and maybe invest in some waist slimming hosiery if next Christmas finds me too plump to pull up the zipper.  
    So, my recommendation for this dress is size up at least one and maybe two sizes if you don't own a  corset and/or enjoy breathing.  Other than that, buy with confidence because it's a stunning dress as far as color, cut and quality.  Another reason to shop with Unique Vintage takes care of their customers, so talk to them about sizing and their return policy.  I've always had very helpful and friendly customer service there which is one of the main reasons I love them.
    I've had lots of fun hitting the flea markets and antique stores since we've been home and I've found a number of old pieces of luggage like this burgundy vanity case that I felt like I just couldn't live without.  It did a great job of toting and protecting my beloved camera on this trek into the woods.  These vintage costume earrings once belonged to my great-grandmother who was the classiest and feistiest lady I've ever met.  
    I could do an entire post just about her life things like how in the 1920s she hopped on a motorcycle with a man she'd just met and went out to California where she dyed her hair blonde and got a job as a waitress in a restaurant where Laurel and Hardy were frequent visitors. She would always remark that Hardy was the best tipper.  But, those stories are for another day and another post.

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1950s Style Red Plaid Three Quarter Sleeve Trudy Swing Dress
With Haute a Doubt Heels from ModCloth
Vintage earrings and suitcase
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