Saturday, September 30, 2017

Botanical (Homestead) Garden

I saw this old homestead and had to stop for a few pics under the trees.  It's at least a hundred years old, maybe more, and thanks to some serious community efforts, the house has been restored and the grounds are being kept up.  It does my heart good to see forgotten and unwanted things being loved and cared for again.

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Layered Ruffle Sleeve Stepped Hem Botanical Top-$12.99 from: Romwe

High Waist Suspender Skirt from LindyBopUSA

Friday, September 29, 2017

Blue Skies and Sky Blues

A little baby blue for this gorgeous autumn day...

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HAOYIHUI Womens Casual Floral Print Turn Down Collar High Waist A Line Dress- $20.99

Belt from Forever 21 & Heels are old from Payless

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I'm Just Wild About Saffron...

...and saffron's wild about me....You know I love my mustard yellow prints and accents.  I've held on to this thrift shop ModCloth Grand Canyon Finale dress for months, waiting for the perfect outfit to strike me before wearing it.  To be honest, I've had a pair of teal tights on the hanger with it, waiting for the right cardi or jacket to go with it.  Today I pulled it off the hanger, ditched the tights and switched them for my Stroll Mate flats and this dark teal cardigan.  Perfect for a stroll in the dewey fields of flowers.  Never fear, even though my outfit is comprised of second hand lovelies, I've found plenty of newer look alikes to match.

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ModCloth Cardis from Left to Right
Charter School Cardigan in Lagoon, Charter School Cardigan in Peacock, Chicly Checkered Intarsia Cardigan in Spruce.

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Gingham Cami Dress,Self Belt Wide Leg Gingham Shorts, Plaid Frill Shirred Crop Top with Skirt

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hello, Karina!

In honor of my recent partnership with, I am pleased to present the Trudy Dress in Cranberry Cross Dots.  Karina Dresses offers a lot of figure flattering styles.  Personally I prefer three quarter sleeves, a knee length skirt and a lower neckline, especially the v neck, so I was thrilled to find a dress that had all three rolled into one!  I ordered my usual size and it is such a lovely fit, perfectly true to size, and the style is such a polished elegance.  The fabric is lightweight, but has great coverage and I didn't need a slip to hide lines.  I'm thinking of next pairing this dress with a burgundy tulle skirt underneath for some added bounce, but for now I wanted to present it as it is.  All I added was the sash which I made myself from some seam binding and an inexpensive hair accessory I ordered from Etsy.

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Trudy Dress in Cranberry Cross Dots- $108 from: Karina
The Zest is History Heels from: ModCloth

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wild Sunflowers

A beautiful morning in the valley with millions of wild sunflowers gathering up this golden light.

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Basic Full A-line Skirt in Mustard from: ChicWish

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lace and Leather

    Did you ever get stuck in an era with your clothing?  Maybe it's Hippie Chic, Hollywood Glam, or Victorian Society, but whatever the case, it can be difficult to bring those nostalgic pieces into the present and wear them more than one way.  With this Victorian influenced white ruffled top, I was really drawn to stay within the theme.  I tried several outfits, all with a decidedly Victorian flare, but in the end I wanted to take this top in a different direction--that direction being a fast forward 100 years to the present-- by pairing it with a short, faux-leather dress from Forever21.  I added the black bow at the neckline and the perfume bottle purse is a bit of a nod to French Couture.

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Richlulu Womens Sheer Lace Ruffle Mock Neck Trumpet Sleeve Top Shirt Blouse- $15.99

Black Leather Dress by Forever21 from ThredUp.  Use my link to sign up and save $20 off your first order.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Little Quirky

    I love it when I find a currently available match to a thrift shop find so I can share it with my fellow fashionistas, and I'm super excited for today's find.  I get tons of compliments about my glasses sweater that I wore in my Fresh Face Friday post from December of last year, so I am tickled pink that ModCloth now carries a similar Quirky Glasses Pullover Sweater, and I especially love that it has more color!  
    I wear mine on casual days with boots or flats and jeans, but I can totally picture ModCloth's version looking great with pencil skirts or swing skirts.

5 Tips When Bleaching Your Hair

I've worn my hair every style and every color possible--except one.  This summer I decided to fulfill a lifelong desire to go blonde.  My natural hair color is very dark brown so the closest I've ever managed to get on my own was a strawberry-orange color.  I got lots of compliments, but it felt like an incomplete achievement.
  1. To Pro or Not To Pro:  That is the first question you must ask.   I initially went to a salon to have a pro handle this tricky task and to ask about the price for such a feat.  I was quoted at $150 for initial bleaching and $60 for each 4-6 week follow up visit.  No way!  I thought, I can do this myself for less.  A two part bleaching solution can cost around $50-$70.  Add in the tubs and brushes, and special shampoo, and you're over half-way to the cost of having it done at a salon.  Given that my hair came out fried and unevenly bleached, I really wish I'd just spent the money and gone to the salon, but you have to decided for yourself which is best.
  2. If you decide to tackle it on your own, be sure to strip any existing hair dye or gloss treatments  from your hair first.  I like Oops: Color Removing Solution.
  3. If you go to a salon, you'll be more likely to get an evenly toned color.  At home you run the risk of having a mix of orange-y yellow all the way to platinum.
  4. Bleaching damages hair and it will likely not bounce back to that same natural softness you had before.  Be ready for hair that feels like straw and is in need of lots of over night conditioning masks to restore some of the softness.
  5. If you've fried your hair beyond repair (ahem, like me), you have two options: be patient and let it grow or embrace your inner pixie and buzz it all off (ok, maybe there's an option somewhere in between).  The pro to letting it grow is that you can keep your long hair look if you're willing to power through the frizz each day, and of course fighting the frizz and the constant flat hair and breakage are the cons.  I'm facing my frizz with a lot of up-dos.  FYI, all that frizz, really makes my up-dos and buns look fuller and thicker, so that's another pro.  The pro to a pixie cut is that glorious feeling of starting fresh and the con is that manic year of crazy, weird hair while you wait for it to grow out.  Either way, time and patience are key.  In the end, I may still go short and ditch the frizz, but I'd like to try one more color before I do.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Autumn, Ahoy!

    I'm full of outfit ideas involving fall colors, but I couldn't resist welcoming the season with
something nautical.  I only wish I lived a little nearer to a body of water so I could take some pics more in line with the theme.  Oh well, the woods are turning gorgeous colors so this navy blue really stands out among all the reds and oranges and yellows.  I also managed to welcome the season with a minor farm accident.  We heard about a man who had some wire fencing he wanted to get rid of and would give it for free to anyone willing to come and tear it down without leaving nails all over the ground.  We agreed since we need to build some fences for the chickens and all the other animals we hope to acquire in the spring.  
    We spent about four hours one very cool day last week pulling rusty fencing staples from rotted wood posts.  About midway through this endeavor, I hit a particularly stubborn staple that refused to come out.  So, with the staple puller firmly hooked underneath, I put both hands on the grip, and one foot on the post and pulled with all my strength.  Turns out, I'm much stronger than I thought and the staple came flying out while I went flying backwards into the box of old staples and barbed wire bits.  I scratched my arm to pieces, but managed to find the staple and add it to the box.  So, don't be alarmed if you happen to see a few scratches in these pics, or bruised knees from kneeling on the ground for the four hours it took to pull up that fence.  It's all just a part of being a farm girl and a fashionista. 

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