Thursday, May 9, 2019

How to Wear a Pinafore

What do you think of when you hear the word pinafore?  It usually evokes a girl scout like image of youthfulness, but rest assured pinafores are for grown-up girls too.  Not only that but this sweet style has come back around and is quite trendy now.  There are plenty of ways to make this look mature and chic at the same time.  FemmeLuxe has some really cute pinafore dresses in lots of colors and styles.  I was drawn to this black and white plaid (remember choosing something in neutral colors is a great way to try out a new trend) because it looked appropriate for the office as well as a nice dinner out and it had that touch of girlishness in the ruffled straps.  So, if you're ready to try out a pinafore, here are a few things you should know.

1.  Choosing the Right Top
If we think back to the pinafore styles of the 50s, the style of top most often paired with a pinafore was a button down blouse or snug sweater.  Something with a little blousing is ok, but what you really want to avoid is a top that is too baggy or too poofy.  The pinafore is going to show off your waistline and there are suspender straps too.  It looks odd to see a top hanging out where it shouldn't or hanging over the waist ruining an otherwise sleek silhouette.  That's why I recommend a form fitting top.  It doesn't have to be skin tight, but something that shows off your pinafore rather than competing with it.  I chose a black slim fitting turtle neck t shirt top because it's a classic style.  Also, since this particular pinafore is form fitted any blousing would have ruined the lines.
FemmeLuxe Finery Black and White Check Pinafore Dress- Sophie Pencil Skirt Mod
2. About Those Straps
Ideally the top of the pinafore should rest one of two places--just above the bust line, or at the smallest part of the waist like the one I'm wearing.  Any higher than that and it simply looks like a dress.  A pinafore was made to be worn with layers.  No matter if you're short, tall, or right in the middle of average it's best to look for a pinafore that either has adjustable straps allowing you to get the most comfortable fit, or like this Sophie Pinafore style is made of a stretchy fabric so it does all the adjusting for you.  Otherwise you'll constantly be dealing with droopy straps or ones that dig in too tightly and hitch up the skirt too high.
FemmeLuxe Finery Black and White Check Pinafore Dress- Sophie
3. What's Your Look?
Decide what kind of vibe you want to put out there with your outfit when choosing a pinafore dress.  As I mentioned, I liked this Sophie pinafore because it looked perfect for the office or date night.  If you're looking for something more casual choose something with a skirt that is both longer and fuller ala swing skirt style or consider a relaxed fabric like you would find in a  denim pinafore dress.  
FemmeLuxe Finery Black and White Check Pinafore Dress- Sophie
4.  What's Your Season?
It's tempting to think that I'm talking about the length here, but I'm not.  I think mini skirts are even cuter in winter with some colorful tights and I find maxi skirts incredibly cool in summer so long as the fabric is right, which brings me to my point.  The fabric will make all the difference in when you can wear your pinafore.  If you want something exclusively for summer look for cotton.  Spring?  Choose something in a chiffon.  Fall/Winter?  Go for wool, polyester, or flannel.  If you want a year round look, I'd recommend one of FemmeLuxe's Pinafore dresses because this fabric is appropriate for all seasons--even summer thanks to that short skirt.
FemmeLuxe Finery Black and White Check Pinafore Dress- Sophie
5.  Have Fun
Remember how you felt when you were a little girl and you wore a pretty dress?  You felt amazing and excited and beautiful all at once, right?  Somewhere along the way, trying new things can become stressful rather than fun, but that doesn't have to be the case.  Embrace the new trend!  You can wear a youthful style in a mature, modern, and tasteful way while maintaining that youthful exuberance about it.  It's all up to you.

Shopping InfoBlack and White Check Pinafore Dress- Sophie from (gifted), Turtleneck Slim Fit T-shirt - $8.00 from: SHEIN, Cat Eye Sunglasses - $4.00 from: SHEIN

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